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   Chapter 518 You Are My Daddy, Aren't You

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Sally looked at the handsome man in front of her mother. She didn't have to look twice to know that her Mommy had found her daddy!

With all the excitement that she had in her, Sally ran towards Terence.

She remembered that her mother kept on telling her that her father was a really handsome man. This man in front of her Mommy was the most handsome man she had ever seen in her life. Therefore, there was no other conclusion except that this man was her daddy!

Less than a minute after, Sally was finally in front of Terence. She seized one of his legs and held on tightly. Then, she raised her dirty but cute face up at him and stared into his face with her big bright eyes.

"Daddy! Daddy, you are my daddy, aren't you?" Sally cheerfully asked.

She waited for Terence's response but when he didn't say anything, she continued, "Daddy! Can you fly your big plane so that Bob and Abbey could be here?"

Terence looked down at the little girl who was holding onto his leg. Even if she was obviously in cheap clothing and even had holes in them, he couldn't help but get close to her.

He just couldn't hate her. In the depths of his heart, he felt something familiar towards her. Obviously, it was the first time that they met but somehow, Terence felt like he had known this little girl all her life. Even though, there was also something strange that came with the familiarity.

"Baby girl, I am not your daddy."

Terence crouched down and looked at the little girl more closely. She was about three years old. He couldn't help but be enticed by her big bright eyes looking at him.

He then turned to look at Carla who was staring at him too.

The girl's eyes looked just like hers.

There was no need for an explanation. Terence knew in an instant that this little girl was this crazy woman's daughter.

"No! You are my daddy! Mummy said that my daddy was the kindest and most handsome man in this world!" Sally pouted her lips as she spoke. Her dark round eyes blinked, never leaving their focus on Terence.

"Ha... but I am not your father. I do have a daughter though. She's one year old." Terence stroked her hair. Truth be told, Sally actually reminded him of his daughter. His eyes turned even warmer and nicer towards her despite the conversation that they were having.

However, after hearing what he said, Sally cried out loud. Everyone on the road immediately turned to their direction.

"Mummy! Daddy said he had a daughter of his own! Who am I then?" Sally cried her heart out while she ran towards Carla and fell into her arms.

Carla picked her up and gently swept the tears off her little face. "Sally, don't cry. You don't have a Daddy, b

a flood. You might have forgotten about her because of the enormous grief that you had back then. But it's true. She was your wife before we lost her..."

Nathan earnestly said.

The second he saw Carla, he knew Terence's world was going to be turned upside down.

Terence loved Carla with all his life and heart. He loved her with everything he had. Even if he had forgotten about her now, Nathan believed that he was going to remember her very soon.

After all, this was Terence-the man who would die for Carla.

The actual Terence would never forget Carla. He had loved her with every piece of himself.

The love he had for her was not just any kind of love. It was powerful. There was nothing like it in the world. Every cell in his body was for Carla. For the past years, they had found a lot of hypnotists to erase his memories of Carla. They all ended up failing.

Now that Carla was back with their daughter, Nathan knew very well what that meant. Soon enough, Terence was going to remember her.

Therefore, Nathan didn't see the point of hiding the truth from him.

"Nathan, do you really know what you're talking about? Are you sure about this?"

Terence asked. His voice was low and cold. His face was as dark as the night. He couldn't look more at odds than ever.

"Yes, I do. We all thought Miss Carla had died in that accident, so we didn't mention her to you. However, she's still alive. And she's back!"

Nathan said honestly. There was even a little excitement in his voice.

"If so, that little girl is my daughter, isn't she?" Terence asked with so much confusion on his face.

If Nathan was telling him the truth, he began to actually wonder about his taste in women in the past. Also, he seriously considered why he married such a rude woman.

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