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   Chapter 516 Memory Loss (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6522

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The moment Carla left the Seaview Villa, the woman who was peering through the window went down. She silently watched Carla disappear into the distance. With a somber look on her face, she felt a bit uneasy for some reason.

Just as she was about to turn around and head back into her room, a thought popped up in her mind and she glanced at Carla's back with surprise written all over her face.

Now she suddenly realized why that poor woman looked so familiar to her.

She remembered stumbling upon a picture of her inside a drawer by accident.

With that in mind, she began to wonder if that poor woman could possibly be the same person as the one she saw in that photo.

That being said, she immediately shook her head and brushed that thought off, throwing that possibility out the window.

They said that that woman's body had already been found. There was no way it was her.

Carla went with Sally to the AJ Building. However, she wouldn't be able to get in without having access. Because of that, she didn't waste her time to break into the door.

She purchased some snacks for Sally to enjoy, and she wanted them to keep her preoccupied as well. Then, she managed to find a shade where she and Sally could stay as they waited for Terence to come out.

The spot where they were waiting was close to the path which Terence usually took on his way back home. Therefore, for as long as she could patiently wait, he was bound to show up at some point.

For Carla, it felt like time was passing ever so slowly. She kept on checking her phone from time to time, in hopes that time could move faster. Finally, night had fallen.

After running and jumping around the entire time, Sally had finally worn herself out and fallen asleep in Carla's loving arms.

At this moment, Carla was carrying Sally, who was sleeping like a log. She quietly sat on the stone steps as she waited.

After what felt like an eternity of waiting, t

ed as though he had been hit like a ton of bricks. He began to wonder whether his eyes had only been playing tricks on himself or Carla had really come back alive.

"Nathan, unhand me this instant!" Carla said, fuming with intense rage as she grated her teeth. Then, she struggled to break free, but he had quite a tight grip on her wrists. There was nothing she could do as Nathan pulled her into a corner to keep a safe distance between her and Terence.

"Miss Carla, please try to pull yourself together. Right now, flying off the handle isn't going to help. Mr. Terence had already forgotten all about you. No matter how angry you get, there's nothing that can help him remember who you are!"

After pulling over her to the side, Nathan managed to regain composure from feeling so ecstatic knowing that Carla was safe and sound. Then, he went ahead and explained the situation to her.

"Nathan, what the hell are you talking about? Are you pulling my leg or something? What do you mean he already forgot about me? Are you saying that he lost his memory? That's bullshit! There's no way I'm buying any of that crap!"

Carla angrily yelled as she made a run for Terence.

There was just no way in hell Carla was going to believe that Terence had actually forgotten everything about her.

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