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   Chapter 515 Back After Four Years (Part Two)

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She couldn't just go on living with things like this! It was not such a simple matter that she could accept so easily.

First and foremost, she had to make sure of one thing. She had to confirm that Terence had really remarried after hearing the news about her death.

She was holding on to that tiny bit of hope that there might be a reason why he had to marry another woman.

Despite knowing that she could opt to just go back to HA City and find her biological parents as well as her older brother, she was still dead set on meeting Terence and letting him have a look at their precious daughter.

She couldn't just go on living as though she didn't exist. In her heart, she knew she couldn't hide from him forever and keep their daughter all to herself.

With all those thoughts running in circles in her mind, Carla stayed up all night.

When the sun finally came up, she got both of them ready and hailed a taxi with Sally and headed straight to the Seaview Villa.

While they were on their way there, she didn't notice that a black Maybach had passed the taxi she was riding in and was heading down the mountain.

As soon as they stepped out of the taxi, they walked over to the front of the gate of the Seaview Villa.

"Mummy, this house is enormous! It's so beautiful! I have never laid eyes on such a big house..."

Sincerely admiring this beautiful house, Sally began to wonder how happy it must be for the people to be living in such a luxurious house.

"Who are you? Where did you come from? This is not a place for you to beg for food! Get out of here this instant!"

An unfamiliar servant waved her cleaning rag at Carla furiously, feeling sick to her stomach when she saw Carla was walking closer.

Brushing off her rude remarks and actions, Carla walked toward her and asked, "Excuse me, is Terence... Is Mr. Terence home at the moment?"

Upon asking the servant that, Carla tried to come right in. That being said, the servant blocked her path and shut the gate, br

get a bit of information about her younger brother.

"He is no longer staying here. The deceased wife's parents took him with them. How do you know all of these things? Just who the hell are you really?" the servant yelled, fuming with so much anger. Obviously, Carla was beginning to get up her nose. She was clueless as to how this homeless woman knew the names of all those people, making is sound like she was quite familiar with them.

When she got that answer, every single fiber of Carla's being trembled. Lowering her gaze, she turned around and walked away.

"Mummy, isn't Daddy there?"

Sally asked, with the voice of an adorable little child. She remembered that before they left the mountain, her mummy had promised her that they were going to see her father. But despite that, she still hadn't seen any man yet. For that reason, she began to wonder where her father might be.

Holding her tiny little hand, Carla leaned over and brushed her fingers through her hair. Then she told her, "Sally is a good girl! Daddy just went to work. Let's go there and look for him!"

Carla had thought about heading straight toward the AJ Building.

Given that he was not home at this time, she was bound to find him at his workplace! She still had fate that Terence could not just idly sit by and treat her like a stranger.

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