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   Chapter 514 Back After Four Years (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6676

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Shaking her head, Carla's eyes began welling up with tears, but she managed to put out a smile and said, "Don't be silly! Four years is such a long time. Besides, you are at the ripe age to get married. There's no need for you to apologize for it!"

"But... what about you? What are you planning to do now?"

Johnny had been in a state of shock when he saw her after such a long time that he didn't notice it right away. Then, he suddenly realized that she was holding a little girl.

"Who is she?"

He was stuck on cloud nine when she saw Carla, so he failed to notice the little girl beside her.

"She's my daughter," she flatly replied. Taking in a deep breath to calm herself down, Carla gently pulled the little girl in front of her. Then, she proceeded to tell her what to say, "Sally, this is mummy's friend. Please say hello to Uncle Johnny."

"Hello, Uncle Johnny!" Sally greeted him with such a tender voice.

Looking intently at this adorable little girl, Johnny was at such a loss for words. He glanced at Carla and asked, "Your daughter? But... I thought that you couldn't..."

Johnny didn't know how to say the rest, but Carla was well aware what he was trying to say. "It wasn't as bad as people were making it out to be. It's just that my probability of getting pregnant is quite low, but it never really meant that I couldn't. Alright, it was nice to see you again. We should be taking our leave. You should go back as well. Don't keep your wife waiting."

Beaming him a playful smile, Carla grabbed Sally's hand and walked away.

"Please wait a second!"

Johnny ran past her and stopped her in her tracks. He couldn't help but frown at the clothes she was wearing. Right now, she looked like a woman from some run down village. "What on earth happened to you? Did you just get back to the city?"

"I just got here, actually. The heavy flood carried me to a distant village in a secluded mountain. The region is completely uninhabited save for that one village.

keep looking and moving forward and live his or her life.

Carla was able to find a cheap motel to spend her first night back in JA City.

Although the motel was old and quite run down, her daughter still felt so thrilled to be staying in a place like this.

After all, they had spent so many nights deep in the mountains. Comparing to that, this motel still was in a much better condition than what they had gotten used to in the past three years. And despite living a rather pitiful life, Sally was nevertheless happy and contented with the things that she had.

This night in particular was not easy for Carla to get some sleep. She stayed awake even though her daughter was already sleeping like a log.

She thought that everything would take a turn for the better when she found Terence. But never in her worst nightmares did she expect that Terence would get married again and have children.

Looking back on what she had seen earlier, she could feel her heart slowly shattering into a million pieces.

After contemplating about it for some time, she finally made up her mind.

No matter what the situation was, Sally was also his daughter.

There was no way she could just take her away and act as though nothing had happened. She had to do something about it, or, at the very least, say something to him.

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