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   Chapter 513 He Got Married Again (Part Two)

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At that moment, everything fell apart. It was so simple in her mind. How come reality was so different from what she had thought?

Four years. It had been four years! That would be 48 months or 1460 days. How foolish was she to think that Terence would wait for her for four years?

She should have known that even if Terence wanted to wait for her, Edmund would not allow him to do that.

And there was Grandpa Nicholas who had been eagerly excited from the start to have great-grandchildren. Even if Terence didn't want to move on, he could not let down the old man again.

"Mommy, weren't we going to look for Daddy? What's wrong? Why are you crying?"

Sally asked with so much confusion in her eyes while she promptly wiped her mother's tears with her small hands.

Carla wiped away her tears and turned her back with her daughter.

She really wanted to walk up to him. Every cell in her body was telling her that it was the right thing to do.

But now, all the courage that she had for the past years seemed to run away from her.

Without a definite purpose or direction, she started to walk down the streets while holding her daughter's hand.

It was already dark by then.

Soon enough, Carla was already tired and she could not walk anymore. She stopped at a random side of a street and sat down on the stairs with her daughter.

For the past four years, she had been disappointed and frustrated, but she had never been hopeless and in despair like this. After she saw her husband with a new wife and a daughter that wasn't hers, all hope that she had fell apart.

At that time, she could feel her heart die. Piece by piece, her heart completely shattered.

"Sally, I'm sorry. Mom was wrong. It seems like your daddy has already gone..."

She tried to control herself and be strong for her daughter but Carla had her limits and this was definitely one of them. Tears and more tears fell from her eyes like a ragi

ly remember every single thing that happened like it was only yesterday.

Everyone was a witness when the dead body was found and Terence could not accept it at all. For a whole year after that, he didn't get out of his house, until two years later.

"Carla, he got married again."

Johnny dropped his head down when he finally said the words out loud. He didn't know how to tell her but he knew that she had to know.

Although, he didn't have the courage to face her because he was afraid to see the hurt on her face.

"I already know it,"

Carla said. She bit her lip really hard in an attempt to control her emotions. She would not let her tears get the better of her again.

"I'm sorry, Carla. I also have to apologize for something that I did."

Johnny said while he turned to look at the woman who was sitting on the front seat of the car.

The woman was wearing loose maternity clothes and sitting at the front seat quietly. Even though he couldn't see from where he was standing, he knew that she was waiting for him patiently.

It seemed like time wasn't on his side either.

If he could have just waited for another year, there would have been a possibility for him to be with her.

But he missed his chance and it might be the last one that he would ever get.

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