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   Chapter 512 He Got Married Again (Part One)

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Four years had already passed since the unfortunate incident happened.

After arriving in JA City for the first time in a very long time, Carla couldn't help but feel that everything was so familiar and yet strange at the same time.

She had been gone for four long years. Carla thought, 'It was not a long time but I guess it was enough for a city to change a lot.'

"Mommy, I'm hungry..."

Sally rubbed her stomach while she stared at Carla with her big eyes that was starting to water.

"Oh, you are? All right then. Let's go and buy something for you to eat!" While Carla spoke to the small child beside her, she took out all of the money in her pocket. Then, she laid them out on her palm and found out that she had less than a hundred in total.

It was a long way coming to JA City and the price of their transportation expenses had cost her a lot.

She had actually saved a lot of money for meals and a few nights on the road. But she had not anticipated that she would be short of money.

Besides, Carla thought they would see Terence as soon as they arrived so she didn't worry about the money that much.

So, she decided to take her daughter to a high-class restaurant.

While they were eating, Carla couldn't help but notice that the other guests had been giving them dirty looks. Their mocking giggles, side looks, and eye rolls did not escape Carla's attention.

Soon enough, after eating, they went out of the restaurant.

Then, they passed by a shop with a mirror at the front. As if in slow motion, Carla saw herself and realized what the people in the restaurant were seeing.

Right there and then, it was clear to her that she didn't belong in the city. At least, not anymore.

She was wearing clothes that were obviously not from the city. It was made of loose and coarse fabric. The years that it had been used were apparent with its faded colors. With such clothing, she looked more like a beggar than the Carla that she was years ago.


Although he was a little far away, Carla was certain that it was her husband that she was seeing. Terence was as dashing as he was before. His deep-set eyes were shining like stars and they reminded her of the first time that she fell in love with him.

Carla thought that he still looked tall with a firm posture that would intimidate anyone who would see him. However, he seemed to be more mature.

He opened the back door of a car. Then, he bent down as if he was taking something from the car. When he reappeared, he was now carrying a little girl in his arms. From where Carla was standing, the girl looked to be about one year old.

The little girl was wearing a pink princess dress. She even had a cute pink bow on her hair. There was no denying that she looked really cute.

Terence fondly kissed the little girl on the cheek. At the same time, the door on the other side of the car opened.

A woman got out of the car. She looked very beautiful and graceful as if she was floating. With a smile, she walked towards Terence and the little girl. Then she held his arm and the three of them headed for a luxury restaurant with huge smiles on their faces.

While she processed the scene in front of her, Carla stopped in her tracks. Then, before she could stop herself, tears started to run down her cheeks.

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