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   Chapter 511 Carla Gave Birth To A Girl

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"Carla, you're so lucky to have such a beautiful baby girl. The child looks like it was heaven-sent. Without a doubt, she is going to grow up into such a fine woman,"

the old lady that assisted with her delivery couldn't help but smile as she said that to Carla.

She might not have been so proficient in delivering a child, nor did she have that much experience in doing it, but every time she'd manage to deliver a baby successfully, she truly felt a sense of accomplishment. It was a feeling which she enjoyed much.

"Thank you very much for your help. I sincerely appreciate it. I can't say how grateful I am for what you've done for me. I am deeply indebted to you. I promise that I'll pay you back someday."

Carla had lost almost every bit of strength she had, but she still tried to sit straight so she could bow her head to them to show her gratitude.

Meeting these people was a stroke of good luck. Especially since they saved not just her life, but her daughter's as well.

"Oh, there really is no need for you to do that. Your body is still weak. You need to regain your health. Just lie down and get some much needed rest. Stop worrying about the future for now. Just focus on making a speedy recovery from the delivery," Cathy said, walking toward her to help her lie down.

In the two months that followed, Carla wasn't living the comfortable life she used to have back in the city with the An family. However, Cathy tried her best to provide for her and her daughter, the best food and living supplies just to make sure that they were both healthy and comfortable. Because of that, Carla felt content and extremely grateful.

Everyone in Cathy's family was over the moon about the baby being born. With their joyous hearts, they looked after the little angel.

However, while Carla and Cathy were so caught up in the moment and brimming with happiness, back in JA City, something huge and painful had befallen Terence.

It had already been a year since Carla disappeared without a trace. But Terence had yet to find a body to confirm that she was dead.

So, holding onto that thin thread of hope, he kept telling himself that Carla was still alive somewhere.

However, on one fateful day, he received word that the remains of a woman was found in a place, about ten miles away from the Western Hills Cemetery in BH City.

The thick layers of sludge had already dried up and hardened, but they found the dead body when one of the buildings there was being rebuilt.

And because her skin was already starting to rot, people could no longer tell who she was from her face.

But she seemed to have the same stature and physique as Carla.

And that news sent Terence's heart into a downward spiral and straight to hell.

How on earth could a heart make it through such a place that was filled with vicious raging flames?

Terence was trying to bear the pain, which others could never hope to understand. Ev

o her daughter, Carla heard Cathy calling out to her, "Carla, please hurry up. It's time for you to go. They're waiting for you by the river."

Carla couldn't afford to stay much longer and say a few more things to Bob and Abbey. After giving the two of them quick hugs, she picked Sally up and left with all of their belongings.

Leaning against her Mommy's shoulder, tears began welling up on Sally's eyes. She watched silently, as the figure of her dear friends faded into blurs while her mother carried her away.

Carla held onto Sally tightly and got on the boat.

There were no electronic communication devices available on the mountain where they lived. If that hadn't been the case, then Cathy could've called her relatives and asked them to come sooner.

For others, this might seem like some wild mountain which wouldn't be a convenient and comfortable place to live in. But for Cathy and her family, this mountain was their home. This was where they belonged. They were destined to grow old here, which was like a mission for them.

Carla might have found it difficult to understand why they would insist on staying here, but she knew that their choice deserved much respect.

That day, after a long ride, Carla and Sally arrived at Cathy's relatives' home and spent the night there.

The morning after, Carla exchanged her anklet decorated with diamonds for one thousand dollars. After that, they took off and headed toward the train station.

It was quite a long way before they could get to the station. They had to change several buses on their way there.

But Carla did not falter at all. It's been so long since she last felt Terence's warmth, so she had been longing for him ever since. And these past four years didn't fail her either.

There was no way in hell several days of bus changing could ever stop her.

But one thing she was clueless about was, after four years of being apart, how had Terence been living his life?

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