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   Chapter 509 A Village of Solitude

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10489

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'Do people go to heaven when they die?

Or do they go straight to hell?' Carla pondered to herself.

With death looming, she couldn't think of anything else. After a few moments, thoughts of the regrets she'd had in life came rushing through her mind.

'Is this how it's going to end? Am I going to die like this?'

Carla mulled over that question as the violent and ruthless flood gushed toward her.

With one foot on the grave, it felt as though she had seen a light from which she saw her parents walking toward her, looking and sounding the way they used to before they died.

The images looked so vivid that she could clearly see every single line on their faces.

Despite that, when she tried stretching out her hands toward them, the only thing she felt was a stiff plank.

Under such harsh conditions, she thought she heard something—a voice calling out to her.

"Carla? Please don't die. You have to make it through this, for mum!

Carla! Wake up! Pull yourself together! You can't leave Sean all by himself, Carla!

Callie! Dad had searched for you throughout those years, and you're the only heir of our family, the Hua family, so you have to live no matter what! Your mother will certainly cry to death if you die here and now. Carla, wake up!"

Surrounded by all these voices, Carla suddenly opened her eyes and finally came to her senses after being lightheaded. She instinctively grabbed onto the plank tightly for dear life.

The moment she saw the blinding light, she started heavily gasping for air.

However, when she tried to look at her surroundings to check where she was, she came to realize that she had drifted into a strange lake. The heavy flood washed her away until it stopped and she ended up in this place.

She was so confused as to where she might be.

Right now, the only thing she could think of was to keep holding on to the drifting plank so that she wouldn't get carried away by the current.

Although she was on the brink of death, Carla was lucky enough to pull through. However, she didn't have the strength to move or to scream for help.

Looking at the bushes getting closer on both sides, she saw a couple of squirrels that were frantically trying to run away as soon as they possibly could.

No matter how hard she tried, she kept on drawing a blank. The only thing on her mind right now was to survive.

For some reason, Carla began doubting whether she had offended Death in some way and he was screwing her over.

Each and every single time, Death would push her until she was on the brink of death, but then at the very last moment, he would give her hope to pull through.

Barely holding on to her consciousness, Carla had no idea how long she had been aimlessly drifting around. But one thing she was certain of was that a couple of days had passed.

She made a desperate attempt to paddle towards dry land, but as she struggled to stay awake, she came to the realization that

the shore, which she thought was right at her fingertips, was actually still a couple of miles away.

For that reason, she understood that there was no way she could th

been engaged then, so he chose to stay with me right here because he didn't want to leave me all by myself. It's been 20 years since then, and people are starting to forget this place little by little.

There are some relatives who are living outside now who come to visit us from time to time, and they're the ones who know the way to get in and out of the village. However, it's such a long journey to come, so they only pay a visit by renting a boat every 3 or 4 years or so. Sometimes even longer, maybe 7 or 8 years."

As it turned out, it was her father who chose to stay.

As for the outsiders, it was quite understandable that they'd forget about the village or its residents as time passed by. After all, it was such a secluded place.

Carla had been staying there for a number of days now.

When she finally got back on her feet, she started trying to find ways to get out of the village.

Living in the city for so long, she had gotten so used to the modern lifestyle, so it felt like such an inconvenience living in a place without electricity, let alone any mobile reception.

She tried everything she could think of, to get out of there. Despite that, a couple of days had passed, half a month, and eventually, a whole month.

But she still couldn't come up with anything that worked. Now, she came to learn what it felt like being stuck in a limbo.

'Damn it! There's no way to get out of this place!' Without the aid of modern technology, everything she did was to no avail.

Carla couldn't wrap her head around the fact that there was still a place like this in the world.

Completely surrounded by water, the road for people to come in was full of twists and turns and hard to pass through. Was she left with no other option but to float again like the way she came?

Luck had been on her side once, would it still be on her side one more time and help her float back into BH City?

The thought of it was driving Carla out of her mind, making her feel utterly helpless over and over again.

She was stuck in the pits for so long.

Until one day.

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