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   Chapter 508 Mrs. Carla Was Swept Away (Part Two)

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Jason and the two children had been evacuated to a safe area. The kids who had lost their mother stood right next to him. They had been clinging onto him very closely since the disaster happened.

When Jason saw Terence, his knees instantly hit the ground with a thump.

"Mr. Terence... I am so sorry! It's all my fault..." Jason sobbed while he lowered his head in resignation.

"Mrs. Carla... Mrs. Carla wanted to save those two kids. We... we lost her..."

Jason exploded into loud cries. He barely saw Carla as she was swept away by the currents. He kept slapping himself in an attempt to get rid of the intense guilt that he was feeling.

He couldn't help but blame himself for letting Carla risk her life in order to save those kids. He should have done that for her instead.

He felt that Carla's life was way more precious than his. Carla meant everything to Terence.

Looking at the vast disaster that the flood had left, Terence's dark eyes had lost all of their lights. He just stared at the surrounding area and stood still for a long time without moving. He didn't speak nor even breathe.

"Nathan, assemble every single staff member that we have. Tell them to put all of their efforts into searching for her. Search every inch of this city. I don't want any corner to be missed, I don't want any stone left unturned or any building left unexplored..."

Nathan contacted the local government of BH City, and soon enough teams of people were searching for the missing individuals. There were even several helicopters looking for them along the dangerous parts of the city.

However, they found nothing.

An hour passed by. Two hours passed by. And it was already getting dark...

Still, Terence did not hear any news about her whereabouts. One by one, the majority of the missing individuals had been found except for Carla who was still nowhere in sig

was feeling inside.

No one knew how much he was afraid to find Carla's body.

He couldn't even say the words. Because if he said it out loud, he felt that he would lose the last bit of hope that he had.

He didn't know what he should do but he knew he had to do something.

At that very moment, Terence became furious. He hated how kind she was. He blamed her for being such a selfless woman. That was the reason why he never blamed Jason because Terence knew well enough that it was Carla's choice to save the kids. And he also knew that once she set her mind on saving others, there was nothing anyone could do to stop her.

Every single day, tens, even hundreds of people passed away. He hated her for caring about others' lives more than her own. He thought that she would have kept herself safe if she wasn't that kind.

He hated her for not thinking about him when she sacrificed her life for others'. He hated her for not thinking about how he was going to live without her.

He could hardly feel his heart right then. He couldn't even feel that he was still alive. It seemed like when the currents took away Carla, they took his life with hers.

It seemed like

the second he heard about the accident, his heart stopped beating.

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