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   Chapter 507 Mrs. Carla Was Swept Away (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-11-16 00:12

Some people could feel the danger that was about to come, and Carla was one of them.

She could hear the terrifying rumble as it got louder and louder. She could also feel the water splattering on her back. Before long, her back was completely drenched. However, she didn't look back. She had no choice but to keep running. But no matter how fast she tried to run, something was telling her that she was not going to make it to the car.

"Jason! Take the kids!"

Carla suddenly exclaimed. Then, with the remaining strength that she had, she pushed the two kids as far as she could towards Jason's direction.

Jason turned around and did his best to catch the kids with both of his hands. Not a breath after, he heard a loud crash. Then, there was only silence. Jason was stunned. It took him a few seconds before he could react and realize that Carla was nowhere to be seen. As loud as he could, he called out, "Mrs. Carla?

Mrs. Carla! Where are you?"

But there was no response. The world seemed to come to a standstill.

Anyone in that situation couldn't help but think that god was so cruel. In a blink of an eye, he took lives just like that. However, he mercifully spared the lives of Jason and the two innocent kids.

The collapse caused by the raging landslide stopped two meters away from where Jason and the kids stood by.

Jason was beyond shocked. With his eyes locked on what was left of the collapse, his arms reached out to the two children. Subconsciously, he held them as close as possible. The three of them could only watch as raging waves of water continuously devoured the remaining space.

Jason hadn't lost hope. He tried to look everywhere for a familiar figure. But no matter how hard or how far he looked, he found nothing but broken trees, rocks, and more water.

Then, he suddenly felt that the ground was becoming unstable. It took him back to the reality that they might still be in danger. In a heartbeat, he carried the kids into the car and

o understand what happened. While he continued to listen to Jason, his face started to turn pale. He turned to look at Terence who was still holding on to the elevator wall for dear life. Terence's face was more ashen than a piece of paper.

For a long time, the three men in the elevator were in a standstill. No one was speaking. No one was making any moves. They were numbed out by the severity of the situation. Then, with all the strength left in him, Terence gnashed his teeth and said, "Nathan, book me a flight..."

And that was it. The three of them were suddenly back in motion. "Yes, Mr. Terence!" Nathan promptly exclaimed.


Meanwhile, every media outlet in the nation was reporting the disaster that just happened in BH City.

"There was a tremendous landslide that happened near the Western Hills Cemetery in BH City. As of the latest report, eighteen people had been be swept away by the heavy currents. Eight of them were already confirmed dead while the remaining ten are still missing..."

When Terence arrived near the cemetery in BH City, the area was still inundated by floods. The disaster that just happened was apparent on every inch of the place. It was heavily covered in brown mud that it was hard to imagine the original state of the place. It was even harder to navigate around it.

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