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   Chapter 506 A Bad Collapse (Part Two)

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She then continued, "Mother, are you mad at me? I have made a mother out of another woman. If you were here, would you be mad at me?"

She said as she brushed her tears away from her face.

She then looked up, and a raindrop fell on her face. A light rain had begun to fall.

But this was no surprise for the BH City had always been a rainy city. But in this place, ironically, the rain got worse during the summer.

Carla then reached her hand out to wipe the drops of rain that fell on her mother's photo. Then, she put her head on the stone and whispered, "Mother, I really miss you! I miss having you around and I miss the family we had..."

"I miss Dad's strict face. I miss the way you looked at me while you lectured me about being a better sister..."

Seeing her mother's black and white photo on the stone, she couldn't help but feel such a familiar, yet strange feeling. She touched the face on the photo as her tears welled up in her eyes once again. Suddenly, it began to rain heavily. The sound of the pouring rain became her best cover as she burst in to tears.

"Mrs. Carla, I think we should go now. The rain is getting heavier..."

Jason said as he held an umbrella above Carla's head. Initially, Jason kept his distance away from Carla because he wanted to give her some space with her parents and give her some privacy. However, he couldn't have the heart to see her crying in the heavy rain. So he walked over and intervened.

With his presence, Carla's thoughts came back to the present. She just brushed her tears away with her sleeves.

"Okay, let's go."

She faced the gravestones and gently gave a bow to each o

she might have been in too much of a hurry. As the road was slippery from all the rain that kept falling, she slipped and fell down the slope.



The children were stunned for a split second. Then, they continued to scream and run down the slope.

"Jason, stop the car..."

"Mrs. Carla!"

The car slowed down. Carla didn't wait for the car to completely stop. She just opened the door and jumped out to run towards the two children.

At this crucial moment, Carla didn't have time to think twice. If she spared even just a second, they could lose two young lives.

They were twin boys who looked about three or four years old. They were too small and not capable of doing anything when faced with this kind of tragedy. Without their mother, they would not even know how to run for their lives.

Carla ran to them as fast as she could. Hurriedly, she picked up both the boys and brought them to the car.

Watching the ferocious flood water get closer to Carla and the children, Jason opened the door for Carla and the boys to get them to safety.

"Mrs. Carla..."

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