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   Chapter 504 The Family Dinner (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5794

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"Eunice..." Carla opened her mouth and was just about to say something. However, before she could even start, someone suddenly chimed in.

"I think you're right, Eunice! The most important role that a woman has to play is taking care of her husband and child. There's a lot of talented people in our family. There's really no need for others' to expand our business. Your top priority right now should be to have more children!"

Edmund commented. It was him who had just interrupted Carla. Pulling a long face, his sharp eyes were glued to Carla.

Seeing Edmund speaking up for her, Eunice had never felt happier and prouder. Picking up some shrimp, she proceeded to put it in Edmund's plate.

After that, she added, "Father, we're well aware of that now! Why don't we take a few more bites before the food gets cold."

She acted as though it was nothing, but she was actually busting a gut deep inside.

She was making a mockery out of Carla due to the fact that she couldn't get pregnant.

No matter how hard Carla tried, she would never have the chance of bearing a child.

Clutching tightly onto her chopsticks, Carla lost her appetite and didn't bother having another bite of the food on her plate.

She briefly glanced at the people sitting at the table. Edmund and Eunice were deliberately trying to humiliate her. Rhys wasn't saying a word to stop his wife. Out of everyone listening, Laura was the only person who was actually feeling sorry for her, but all she could do was a sigh.

All of them made Carla sick to her stomach. She was done trying to deal with these people. Putting down her chopsticks, she sprung up from her seat and told everyone, "Thank you for the wonderful dinner. I enjoyed it quite a

ware of the fact that if she waited for him outside, he would really try to leave as soon as he could. However, she had no intention of ruining his family dinner.

Terence had his gaze fixed on her for a moment. Then, he eventually opened the door and got out of the car.

As soon as Terence was gone, the smile on Carla's face quickly disappeared.

She instructed the driver to drive around the hotel with no destination in mind. Sitting quietly inside the car, she looked outside the window and stared into the distance.

The radio was playing, and someone was talking about the current road situations.

It had been raining incessantly this year in particular. A lot of places had been hit by the flood and it was all over the news. A number of cities had suffered serious damage.

In contrast to the other cities, JA City was located on relatively higher ground, so it was safe from the flood.

It didn't take too long before Carla's phone started ringing.

Without bothering to look at the screen to check who was calling, she could tell that it was from Terence.

She wasn't really expecting for him to be done with dinner so soon.

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