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   Chapter 502 Don't Disrespect My Woman! Not Even You!

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 11067

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"No! I consider some details of our lives as precious memories that should remain private. These are memories that are only for the two of us, so I absolutely cannot draw them in my manga!" Carla exclaimed as she stretched her arms to hold Terence's waist from behind. Meanwhile, she stared at the finished comics being shown on the laptop screen.

She was not really an expert when it came to the specifics of the process and distribution of comics. Her responsibility lay on writing the plot and designing the original sketches. There was a professional team in charge of giving color to the sketches, further editing and polishing the final product.

When Carla saw the panel of scenes in the comics and started reading the dialogues that were all too familiar, she couldn't help but cry because she was so touched.

"Why are you crying? Are you moved by your own work?" Terence turned his attention from the screen to Carla. When he saw what she was doing, he caressed her cheek with one hand and said, "Well, let's stop reading it.

Just hold on a little longer. As long as the chapters are enough for publication for half a year, we will be able to reach our targeted market shares,"

Terence reassured her in a gentle tone. As of that moment, the unreleased chapters that they had on stock plus the released ones were enough for five months. So Carla only needed to write a few more chapters to fill that last month.

In fact, their targeted publicity goal was on the right track. The only thing that Carla had to do at that moment was to come up with a nice ending for the story.

Carla nodded, got up from the chair, and sat on the sofa. Then, she took out her laptop and began to draft the remaining plot of the story.

Terence just provided some inspiration for her, so she finished writing the plot in no time.

Originally, writing comics was only a hobby for Carla. When she was still a student, she used to draw some sketches for fun. She never showed them to anyone or even made money out of them. She just liked doing it. Besides, the original point of her job wasn't to draw comics. But now, her comics made her famous. Carla couldn't help but giggle when she realized how unexpected her journey had become.

She wondered why she would always unconsciously and gradually walk into an unexpected path when she was focused on taking a different one.

But when she started to think about it more deeply, it was not that bad because, at the end of the day, she still succeeded. It might not be the original path that she intended, but she still managed to flourish in her own way.

It was like how she met Terence. At that time, she was just trying her best to be happy and make a living for her and Sean. But unexpectedly, Terence appeared in her life. And within a series of events that followed, he changed her life, one day at a time. It re-routed her life into another unexpected path. And in this path, she lived a wonderful life that she couldn't even have dared to imagine.

These unexpected events, on the contrary, all turned out to be the happiest memories for her.

At that moment, Carla was so focused on editing the plot of the comics. But little by little, she became immersed in the story so much that tears began to flow from her eyes. She wasn't crying heavily

mily's daughter-in-law. Edmund should be over the moon or at least, impressed by what she had accomplished in such a short amount of time.


Edmund noticed Carla's flat stomach. What should have been a vessel of an heir by now was still empty. In all honesty, he would be completely satisfied with this daughter-in-law if she could only give birth to the heir of the An family.

"Father, why did you come here? Is there something important that you would like to discuss with me?"

Terence asked again. In fact, he still felt furious with what his father had done. But, he had also noticed how Edmund was staring at Carla's stomach a little too long. He had known this for quite a while now. Terence just didn't say anything but he knew Edmund would always look at Carla's stomach every time they met.

Carla was already in a lot of pressure because of this matter. And his father would continuously contribute to the stress which in all honesty was not helping at all. Terence was afraid that Carla would suffer from dealing with the pressure.

Edmund strengthened his back before responding, "Oh, there's a family dinner this evening. Laura, Rhys, and Eunice will all be present. I also want to visit the company, so I came here in person to inform you about this."

Edmund turned to walk out of the office but not before reminding them, "It's at JA Hotel! Be there at 8 pm sharp."

After Edmund left, Carla turned to look at Terence and whispered, "Terence, I think it would be better if I don't come to dinner this evening. Would it be okay if you go by yourself?"

"Why? It's just a family dinner! Why wouldn't you want to be there?" Terence asked. Then, after realizing that he might have been too harsh, he held her hands, and patiently said, "Carla, that's just how my father is. His words could be sharp and hurtful. He has been very strict with me since I was a child. You don't need to take his words seriously."

Besides, Carla was already a member of the family, so in Terence's perspective, she had every right to attend this dinner.

Carla didn't say anything more. She only nodded her head to agree.

When evening came, Carla and Terence set out to JA Hotel.

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