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   Chapter 500 Follow You Everywhere (Part One)

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Johnny didn't give up just yet as he gave it another shot and looked around for Carla one more time. But, to his dismay, he still wasn't able to find her. Running out of possible options, he took a smart guess on where she might have gone and ran towards that direction.

But Carla was just hiding behind the wall at the corner of the bar all along. After seeing Johnny leave the premises, she walked out of her hiding spot.

As Johnny's shadow receded from sight, Carla felt how Johnny truly cared for her.

After that, she walked out of the bar, proceeded to the roadside and hailed a taxi to take her home to the Seaview Villa.

"Mrs. Carla, you are home! Mr. Terence had called to ask about you. I didn't want to worry him, so I told him that you were already asleep! Thank god you are back now!"

Sophie said with a mix of excitement and worry as she saw Carla walk in through the front door. After seeing that Carla was not in any sort of trouble, she let out a deep sigh as she could finally relax.

"I'm okay, Sophie. I just wanted to go out and get some air. I couldn't call because my phone was already dead," Carla explained to Sophie with a reassuring smile.

"Okay! I guess there's nothing to worry about now that you are back safely. In that case, have you eaten? If not, then let me prepare something for you!" Sophie said as she nodded in agreement.

Carla shook her head and replied, "You don't have to. I've already grabbed something to eat while I was out. Sophie, I know that it has been a long day for you, too! Go take a rest. I am also tired, so I am going to bed now. Goodnight!"

Carla said as she walked to her bedroom.

It was such a mystery, how she even managed to take her tired body to bed. With her sore body and feet, she did nothing else but curl up under the covers to give herself some well-deserved rest.

Everything fell into silence after she had gotten herself under the sheets. Then slow

de his heart ache. "Hey, you can tell me! What's wrong? What happened? Why are you crying?"

After seeing his handsome face a few inches away from hers and feeling his warm hands, she realized that it was no longer a dream. Terence was real this time.

Terence was finally back. Repeatedly she kept telling herself in her head that her husband was finally back.

She then sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck as tight as she could. She said, "You are back!"

"Yes, I am back. But tell me, dear, why are you crying?" he asked, frowning. Terence placed his hands on her waist as he tried to comfort her.

But Carla just shook her head. Although tears were evidently all over her face, she just cracked a big smile and replied, "Nah, It's not a big deal. I just had a bad dream. I dreamed that you left me, so I just couldn't help but cry..."

"Silly. You are my wife whom I have given my all just to be married to. How could I ever dare leave you?"

Terence lifted his hand and wiped the tears off her cheeks. He sighed with a rough smile on his face. He then held her jaw up and kissed her lips to reassure her.

"Calm down. It will never, ever, ever happen. Don't you every think that way. It was just a bad dream. Can you feel me now? Am I real? I am here with you. Right?"

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