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   Chapter 499 Leave Terence (Part Two)

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For that very reason, if you promise to give up on Terence for good, our family is willing to give you anything you wish for to compensate for it.

I just want to ask you to think about what's best for yourself, and for Terence as well. If things won't work out between the two of you, then it would be much better to end it right here and now."

Upon hearing Laura's awful remarks, Carla clenched her hands tightly under the table. And even though she put so much force into it, she just couldn't feel the physical pain at the moment.

"Aunt, why don't you go ahead and talk to Terence about it directly? If he says that he agrees to do that, then I swear I'd leave him right away, no other questions asked. But if he doesn't come to terms with it, even if I were to do as you say and leave, there's no way he'll stop until he finds me again. Then, there wouldn't be a meaning to doing all of this."

Carla lifted her head, looking her straight in the eye with a strained smile.

"Um, I'll go talk to him later,"

Laura helplessly replied. The truth was, she really couldn't help but feel sorry for Carla. So, stretching out her hand, she went ahead and patted on Carla's hand and said, "Carla, I'm sorry. I really am. I understand that it hurts. But I hope you won't hold it against me for saying all of this. It's not your fault. It's just that you married into the An family.

I'm only saying this all for your own good. I still believe that it would be best for you to leave. If you decide to stay, then there's no doubt that you're going to get in an awful lot of trouble and hardship. When that happens, you'll be leaving Terence between a rock and a hard place."

Gently nodding her head in response, Carla replied, "I understand."

Her mind had wandered off to some faraway place immediately after bidding Laura farewell.

Obviously, Carla

To her, it seemed that Johnny still hadn't changed in the past two months. He was still that same old Johnny, and she wasn't interested in talking to someone like him.

"Hey, Carla!"

Johnny got so worked up when she pushed him away and immediately walked out of the bar. But just as he was trying to go after her, the bartender suddenly stopped him in his tracks.

"Sir, the lady who just left hasn't paid for her drink yet. You two know each other, right? Could you please pay for her drink?"

When he noticed that Carla was already gone, the bartender thought of stopping Johnny just in time.

Grabbing some cash from his wallet, Johnny frantically tossed it to the bartender and hurriedly ran out of the bar.

But by the time he got outside, Carla was already nowhere to be found.

"She was gone too soon? How did she do that? Did she fly away?"

There was nothing he could do about it. Tousling up his hair, Johnny looked at the empty street. Of course he was feeling frustrated at the moment. He thought that it was an opportunity for him to get along with Carla but he let it slip away.

Back then, there was no way Johnny would've expected that it would be four years later

before he would finally meet her again.

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