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   Chapter 498 Leave Terence (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6509

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Time flew by so quickly. It had already been two months.

Andrea had already left for HA City after insisting that Carla continue taking the medicine.

No matter how much medicine she had taken, it seemed like it was no use, because she just couldn't get pregnant. With the sands of time running out, she was beginning to get more and more anxious.

Despite Terence not really saying anything regarding the matter, Carla just couldn't help feeling

tense and frustrated.

Every time she come to visit the An family, she always felt as though Edmund was hinting at something. Knowing the kind of man that he was, it should be plain to see that he had been so eager to get a grandchild from her and Terence.

However, due to her current condition, all it really did was bring Carla endless torment. A number of specialists had already told her that she was going to have difficulty getting pregnant, so the odds of the An family getting a grandchild from her was extremely slim.

One day, Laura met up with her. At this point, Edmund was already getting sick and tired of waiting, so he decided to ask Laura to go talk to Carla.

Laura was Terence's aunt. Ever since he was little boy, the two of them had been getting along quite well. And compared with her other nephews, Terence was probably the one she was closest to.

Because of that, Carla didn't really think too much about it when she asked her out to meet.

That was until...

"Carla, what do you say you take some time off and go on a tour abroad with me? I know a couple of renowned doctors there. Most importantly, they have much better medical facilities compared to the hospitals here."

Laura didn't bother beating around the bush.

She didn't really intend to give Carla any stress. All she wanted to do was give her a bit of a push.

When she heard Laura's suggestion, Carla was left at such a loss for words. After a while, she tried to collect her thoughts

ou can't find a way to give him a child who'll inherit the An Group, I think it would be better for you to just let him go,"

Laura remarked, with her eyebrows deeply knit.

She had no intention of hurting anyone, and that included Carla as well. But that won't change the fact that Carla needed to know about it and come up with a solution at the earliest possible time.

With that, Carla would also have the choice to look for her own happiness herself because when all was said and done, she was still quite young.

"Aunt Laura, I understand what you and Father are getting worried about. But Terence and I have been through a lot, all for the sake of our love. So, there's no way I can turn my back on him just like that.

Could you please give us just a little more time?"

Carla asked Laura after taking in a deep breath. It was quite apparent that it took a lot of courage for her to be able to say all of that.

"Carla, do you think that it's right to make everyone else wait for much longer?" Laura lamented once again, gripping tightly on the white coffee cup she was holding. Then, she went on and added, "I understand that it's our family that was the reason why it became like this. And I also heard that it wasn't your fault at all that you had a miscarriage last time.

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