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   Chapter 497 Consequences Of Not Keeping Your Mouth Shut

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"Eunice, Aren't you aware that this is a family secret and is a private matter? Even if Carla can't get pregnant, it's an issue that concerns our family only. If word got out about it, it will surely tarnish our family name."

Rhys was ruffling her feathers, so she peeled off her facial mask at once and intently glared at him. "Yes, I was the one who spread the news about it. So what? Who gives a damn? She's just like a hen that can't lay a single egg. What's wrong about that? I didn't do anything wrong." —


Rhys' eyes were glued to Eunice who just came clean about what she had done. It was hard for him to believe that she was capable of saying something like that.

"Eunice, Terence is my brother and she is my sister-in-law. They're your family too! How could you just go and say those things about your family? Don't you even realize that it was too rude?"

Staring at her in utter disbelief, he suddenly remembered how she was when he first came to know her. She used to be such a gentle and sensible woman. And to think that she even made an effort to get a special wedding present for him.

That being said, once they got married, her true nature had revealed itself and her erratic personality became far worse than that of any other girl.

"Rude? Are you kidding me? All I did was tell the truth, Rhys. That's your brother's problem. Why should you blame your own wife for the interest of other people?

I think he's quite a funny guy though. This was something he should have kept all to himself. Why did he approach you to talk about such a deplorable thing?"

Eunice curled her lips and pulled away the quilt, heading toward the bathroom.

"It wasn't Terence I was talking to on the phone earlier, it was Dad,"

Rhys flatly told her.

Upon hearing that, Eunice stopped in her tracks and turned around to look at him in surprise. "It was Dad?"

"Eunice, you just became part of our family. Perhaps you have no idea about my brother's temper. You think that as the youngest in the family, he is the one who could hold his temper best, don't you?

Once you get to know him a little more, you'll see. If Terence confronts you about it himself, that would mean it wasn't that big of an issue. But if he actually knows about it and still doesn't do anything, then that would be the end of you," Rhys warned his wife fairly.

Rhys grew up alongside Terence. When it came to his brothers, no one probably knew it better than he did.

People tended to get the impression that Terence was the most good-natured one while their big brother was regarded as the one with a heart of stone.

But no one outside the family was able to actually see their true colors.

If Marcus was really as cruel as people made him out to be, then why hadn't he ruined Terence all these years? Instead, he was the one who ended up behind bars.

"Rhys, stop trying to scare me. Terence may be the CEO of the AJ Group, but he's still your younger brother. There's no way he would be capable of doing horrible things to us."

After going into the bathroom to wash up, Eunice grabbed a towel to pat her face dry as she told him that she didn't really care.

"Eunice, listen to me and listen c

s effectiveness.

At the end of the day, getting pregnant was still the most important thing for them.

Carla also diligently took the medicine day by day, knowing fully well that the best way to prove those rumors wrong would be for her to get pregnant as soon as possible.

Lately, all she did was stay home, so she was completely oblivious to what was happening to everyone outside.

Little did she know that the world had been turned upside-down because of her.

Eunice's father had asked his daughter to come back home all of a sudden.

It was only then that Eunice was finally able to realize the extent of the trouble she had brought to her family for spreading the rumor.

But one thing she couldn't have accounted for was how her father, who was currently the president of JA Bank, would end up getting demoted to vice-president.

This seemingly minor job demotion involved a sudden unexpected change of interests.

This was no mere coincidence, but a fair warning given to them. Eunice's family wasn't the only one that got into a lot of trouble. Selma's family had also been dealt a heavy blow.

Eunice had been knocked sideways.

She never could've imagined that Terence would really resort to doing something like this.

It didn't matter that she was his sister-in-law. He was so heartless!

For that reason, Eunice immediately went straight to the An Manor and complained about it to Edmund for a lengthy period of time.

Sad to say, Edmund simply said a few words to console her before proceeding to lecture her between the lines.

What he stressed about the most was that now that she became the daughter-in-law of the family, the interests of the family would have to come first. The right course of action she should've taken was to protect the family's honor.

Eunice wasn't able to let off some steam. Instead, she just got even more irritated.

All she could do now was look forward to the day when they confirm that Carla couldn't conceive in the end, causing her to be thrown out by the An family. Only then would she feel satisfied, knowing that she wouldn't be seeing Carla ever again.

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