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   Chapter 496 Irritating Rumors

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10097

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It was a hot springs clubhouse.

Carla took a dip in the spring pool for a short while. She then stood up and made her way into the sauna room for females. She then put her feet up to relax and unwind as the steam calmed her whole body.

While Terence on the other hand, patiently waited for her near the hot springs outside.

Carla sat on a wooden chair and felt the hot steam flow towards her continuously. She enjoyed the steam with two other women in the same room.

After a while, all of the women in the sauna got used to the high temperature inside and got comfortable. Then, they started to chat. One woman said, "Have you heard about the story about the crown princess in JA City?"

"The crown princess?" the other one repeated the phrase strangely as her eyebrows furrowed.

She seemed not to understand what the first woman was talking about.

Carla leaned herself on the wooden chair which was not far from them so that she could eavesdrop on their conversation. 'The crown princess? Who is that? Is there even one in the first place? Is there any one called the crown princess in JA City?' Carla asked herself in her mind.

"Yes, the crown princess. I'm talking about the An family! The wife of the crown prince is the crown princess, of course!"

"Oh? Is that so? Are you talking about Mr. Terence's wife? The one who just got married to him? What have you heard about her?"

The other woman said as they gossiped while they enjoyed the steam in the sauna.

At that time, Carla sat beside them, listening to their every word. It was then that she realized that the two women were talking about her. So this time, she paid closer attention to what they were about to say next.

But how was the conversation brought up in the first place?

She would never know. But she could learn more about it the more she listened to them.

"Actually I heard it from one of Selma's friends. Well, do you know Selma? She is the lady of the Wang family who has a good relationship with Mrs. Eunice. Oh, I see...So the news should probably be true! After all, they're credible sources."

"So come on, spill it! What is the news all about?"

"What is the news about? Of course it's shocking news! Okay, I'll tell you, but you have to promise not to tell anyone else."

"Okay, I promise. So come on, don't keep me hanging!"

"Well, I heard that Mr. Terence's wife cannot do the job that an ordinary woman can. Will she be dumped by the An family soon? Take a guess!"

"What do you mean? I don't understand a word you just said. It doesn't make sense at all!"

"Oh my, you're really slow, aren't you! As the wife, she could not get pregnant. What else can she do? We all know that the An family is such a powerful and influential family. If she cannot give birth to the next generation, how long do you think she can keep her position as the crown princess?"

Carla, sitting opposite to the two woman, didn't speak but bit her own finger.

She was confused on how such news could have gotten

le. How could people sleep at night knowing that they had kept on talking about other people's personal lives? Other people's lives weren't for someone else's entertainment.

Now that she had heard all this with her own ears, she felt hard on herself.

She could not bear the pain that everyone thought of her less of a woman all because she could not bear a child in her womb. People do have such a backward kind of thinking!

But at the same time, she felt a little bit hopeless as she could not do anything to fight back.

As the best way of fighting back was to ignore them, completely, and to show them that motherhood was not limited to giving birth to another human life. Being a woman is not bound to the clutches of birth giving, that women can be successful wives without having babies in their arms. She could be who she was.

But at the moment, all that Carla was able to do was to touch her belly and put the bed sheet on her face.

Meanwhile, back in Rhys's house.

Rhys hung up the phone and returned to the bedroom.

Eunice was lying on the bed with a facial mask on her face. Then, she turned around and asked her husband, "What's going on? Who called you? Why did you answer it outside?"

Rhys sat on the bed and gazed at Eunice who was lying there comfortably. He sighed and asked, "Eunice, is it you who spread the gossip that Carla, our sister-in-law, can't get pregnant?"

Eunice's eyes grew bigger. She was surprised at what her husband had asked her. Then she stood up and asked back, "Rhys, what do you mean? Do you think I will ever say that to others?

Was that Terence on the phone just now? Hmmph! He is really nice to his wife! Come on, it's just a little gossip! Why did he make such a big deal out of this? Why did he even call and ask his brother about it?"

Eunice sneered while she patted her face gently as not to displace her facial mask.

Hearing what she said, Rhys frowned and asked, "So it's true that you have spoken to others about it, isn't it?"

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