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   Chapter 495 Are You Jealous

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Rainer said, holding the umbrella for her as she walked toward the black Maybach.

Carla's gaze was fixed on Terence, who happened to show up at just the right time, and then headed down the steps.

After getting into the car, she saw that Terence was already sitting inside. Just as she was about to say his name, she suddenly caught on to something that seemed quite amiss.

From a single glance, he was somewhat boot-faced, which was far from what she had gotten used to seeing. He simply kept staring blankly into the distance and didn't even bother looking at her.

Seeing him acting like that drove Carla mad.

'I messed up big time. I'm in trouble now! From the looks of it, Terence seems jealous and definitely pissed off.

Was Terence watching while Johnny was chatting with me just moments ago?' She pondered to herself.

Carla made an effort to hide how worked up she was getting and just quietly glanced at him in secret.

"Rainer, it's time for us to leave,"

Terence opened his mouth all of a sudden and instructed him.

"We're leaving already? But my mother still isn't with us yet." Carla couldn't help but exclaim when she heard that. Feeling a bit worried, she looked outside to check. Johnny had just left to pick her mother up, so it would probably take a while before he came back.

"You don't have to worry about anything, Mrs. Carla. Jason's car is still here. He would be the one driving her home as soon as she comes out,"

Rainer tried to put her mind at ease. Truth be told, he and Terence had actually been in the area for quite some time already, so they were able to see Johnny and Carla having a conversation.

At that moment, Rainer felt a bead of sweat roll down his spine due to the frigid atmosphere inside the car, making it seem as though they were inside an ice cellar.

Carla had no choice but to nod her head in response upon hearing Rainer's explanation. With her eyes glued to Terence who was sitting right next to her, she nudged his leg gently.


Calling out to him was akin to a small stone that was thrown into the vast ocean. There was no response whatsoever.

All Carla could do was look outside as the car drove away, leaving the scenic spot.

As she sat there quietly in the backseat of the car, Carla was like a cat on a hot tin roof.

Terence hardly ever got mad at her, but whenever he did, it must be because of something really serious.

And worst of all, Carla didn't have the faintest idea how she was supposed to explain it to him.

'Johnny! Look what you've done! Damn it! That bastard really brought me a world of trouble.

He always got a kick out of seeing me having an argument with Terence. Now, he succeeded in doing just that, ' Carla furiously gave Johnny a dressing-down in her head.



zed that since the room was so quiet, there was a good chance that he heard what Andrea just told her despite her voice not being that loud.

"I'm perfectly fine. You should get changed as soon as you get back. Make sure you don't catch a cold, alright? And don't forget to take your medicine,"

Andrea reminded her once more. Having a baby should be her daughter's top priority at the moment.

Carla simply replied, "Okay, mom. I know what to do. I'll just talk to you later. I'm hanging up. Bye."

Carla let out quite a powerful sneeze the second she hung up the phone.

It seemed that she had actually caught a cold after getting a bit drenched and being exposed to the cold air for some time.

"Terence... Ah-choo!"

Carla desperately wanted to clear things up with Terence as soon as possible, but she couldn't stop herself from sneezing. As she rubbed her nose, tears began welling up in her eyes from so much intense sneezing.

"Honey, Johnny just wants to horse around. I never liked him in any way. I have really been trying to avoid him, I swear, but he just always shows up from out of the blue. I really don't get it either... Ah-choo!"

She sneezed one more time, showing him a pathetic look on her face.

Terence made a face as he watched her sneezing nonstop.

He couldn't keep acting so cold any longer because he couldn't help himself from feeling worried about her. Because of that, he quickly put his coat over her shoulders to warm her.

"For the time being, you should have something to eat. We'll head straight to a sauna after we're done eating."

Seeing Terence being concerned about her, Carla simply nodded her head in response and grasped onto the coat tightly.

After dinner, Terence promptly brought her to a nearby spa.

He might have still been extremely upset, but Carla's health was more important than anything else.

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