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   Chapter 494 Ms. Carla, Mr. Terence Is Here To Take You Home (Part Two)

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It was also speedy and even splashed water off the ground as it drifted on the pavement. Since the wind was rather intense, the umbrella was almost distorted and couldn't entirely keep Carla from the rain.

Noticing this, Johnny said, "Use this to shield yourself from the rain."

He took off his coat with one hand and handed it to Carla while he used the other to control the car.

A big piece of glass was in front of the car, and both its sides were equipped with some covers to keep some rainwater off; however, Carla still got wet.

"No, I'm okay. You use it on yourself," Carla politely refused.

Even though the umbrella wasn't of much use, it would be too selfish of her to take his coat.

"Put it on, or you will catch a cold." Johnny could clearly see the refusal on her face, so he placed the coat on her. He was well familiar with how stubborn this woman could be, so he went beyond his duty to not give her room to refuse again.

The space inside the car was so limited for people to move, so pushing and shoving would do nothing but only affect his driving.

Thinking of this, Carla had no other choice but to yield and put his coat above her head to keep the rain off her face.

"Johnny, how did you know I was here? Don't tell me this is a coincidence again." Carla couldn't help but ask as Johnny was fully immersed in driving. She noticed that he drove so smoothly, even when passing all sorts of corners and barriers. Finally, while maintaining his silence, they were almost at the gate.

She was planning to ask him why he seemed to be so familiar with the area, but it suddenly dawned on her that he grew up in JA City.

With an impending answer to Carla's query, Johnny glanced and smiled at her before saying, "

ed around and ran back to the car.

As Carla watched him drive off, she suddenly remembered that her phone had been continuously ringing just a while earlier. She wondered who it was, but she already had a slight idea.

When she took out her phone, she confirmed her hunch upon seeing several missed calls from Terence.

She was about to call him back when a luxury black Maybach drove right towards her in the heavy rain. And slowly, amidst the still heavy rainfall, she saw that it stopped right in front of her, covering the scenic attraction of the main gate. Again, another knight in shining armor was on his odyssey to rescue the damsel in distress that she was at that moment.

The door was pushed open, and Rainer got off, holding an umbrella which was much more robust and sturdier than what she had. Carla's heart was immediately sent racing, her heartbeat grew abnormally fast, thinking of the man who could be gallantly sitting inside.

Meanwhile, as she stared at car and as its shiny exterior mirrored her dazed look, Rainer walked towards her and lowered his head respectfully before saying, "Mrs. Carla, Mr. Terence is here to take you home."

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