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   Chapter 493 Ms. Carla, Mr. Terence Is Here To Take You Home (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6033

Updated: 2019-11-12 00:13

'Why did Johnny sound so certain about it?' Carla was almost on the verge of losing her mind–– she didn't know what to think anymore.

As a twinge of paranoia and confusion filled her, Carla thought to herself, 'It seems like the more I try to hide and keep it a secret, the more everyone gets curious.

Why is this happening to me? What have I done to deserve this?'

"Nothing. I just want you to know how I feel about you. You clearly know how difficult it is for me to fall in love with a woman, and yet you left me and married another man. You have no idea how hurt I am, Carla."

Johnny calculated his words upon sensing that she may be on to something. He just wanted to tell her the truth and nothing more.

If Carla could assure Johnny that she's happy with her life with Terrence, then he would be more than willing to give up and set her free.

However, just as he was ready to finally let her go, he learned something that could ultimately change both their lives.

If she was unhappy being in the An family, he thought that it was his chance to swoop in and be the one to take care of her forever.

He had never cared about what others thought of him. Even his father urged him to get married and have his own children, but the old chap had already aged and couldn't keep an eye on him anymore. Johnny knew for certain that his determination to keep Carla just got firmer than ever before.

"Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?"

Johnny asked after dead silence filled the other line on the phone. Raising his head, he suddenly noticed that it was raining again. The sky seemed to cry a lot lately as if aiming to complement how he felt for the past few days.

Worried, he looked afar and saw that Carla had already put away her phone. She then stood under the eaves of the main te

force herself back in since the area had been entirely cramped––with cranky people no less.

As if the rain was challenging her, it mercilessly poured even more once she popped her umbrella open. However, just as her fragile umbrella, which was more like a parasol was struggling against the rain, a car stopped right where she stood.

"Get in, Carla. I will drive you to the gate."

It was Johnny, who came just right in time, looking like a knight in shining armor about to save the damsel in distress that she was, holding an umbrella.

Carla stood frozen and instead wondered how he got the car, which was so small that it could only fit two people inside.

Johnny, who was determined to be a hero at that moment, loudly greeted Andrea, "Auntie! I will come back to pick you up later. I won't be too long."

"Okay, don't worry about me. Go ahead." Andrea said with a smile.

She waved her hand to let Carla quickly get in the car.

Without thinking further amidst the heavy rain, Carla put away her umbrella and got inside, sitting abreast Johnny.

Together, they drove off towards the exit. Luckily, the car was small enough to quickly get through the narrow paths along the way.

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