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   Chapter 492 Stubborn Johnny (Part Two)

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"Oh, yes, please! Thank you, young man! Cuold you please tell me how to take a photo with this? I want to take a photo of my daughter!"

When Carla, who was striking a pose, saw Johnny appear from out of the blue and talking to her mother, she was at a loss for a while.

Her mind suddenly wandered off, 'What is he doing here? And since when did he become so thoughtful?'

Johnny assisted Andrea in using the camera, focused it on Carla, and then finally, he showed Andrea which button to press.

Andrea tried taking a photo of Carla, and she actually managed to do it successfully! She exclaimed, feeling quite thankful, "That's a great shot! Thank you so much, young man!" Andrea was filled with so much gratitude towards Johnny.

"Auntie, don't mention it. It's my pleasure to be of help," Johnny replied. Then, shifting his gaze toward Carla, Johnny gave her a wink.

Not wanting to see him, Carla tried to look away.

It was only then that Andrea noticed that Carla was getting a bit flushed. With that in mind, Andrea looked at Johnny again. At that point, she came to a sudden realization and asked, "Young man, do you, by any chance, know my daughter?"

"Oh, Auntie, yes, I actually know your daughter. I met Carla back when we were horse-riding together. I never would have expected that I'd bump into her here again!"

Johnny explained. Then, he noticed Carla walking toward them.

"I saw you from afar, so I thought I should say hi. But then, I saw Auntie having a bit of trouble with the camera, so I lent her a hand first. That's all that it was. I wasn't intending to do anything else..."

Johnny made it very clear to Carla before she could say anything.

three years, then I will stop bothering you completely! You have my word.

But if he so much as lets you go to any form of suffering in those three years, or... if you two split up, I will marry you, no questions asked!"

Johnny resolutely said, with his gaze glued to the woman who was on the other end of the line standing behind the boulders.

Carla wanted to give him an earful so bad, but when she heard him say those things, she realized that flying off the handle in this situation would do her no good.

"So Mr. Johnny, do you have an obsession with being a back-burner guy?"

Carla curled her lips.

"Yes, I guess you can say that. But only to you, sweetheart! I'm obsessed with being your back-burner guy! But even if I'm just your second choice, who knows? Maybe I'll end up being your Mr. Right. Nothing's set in stone yet. Perhaps we can really become a happy couple one day, don't you think?"

Johnny said, letting out a snicker.

Carla's eyebrows were deeply knit, thinking that Johnny probably knew something.

"Johnny, what do you mean by that? By any chance, have you heard of anything?"

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