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   Chapter 491 Stubborn Johnny (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5873

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On this wonderful spring morning, the sun was shining, with flowers blooming all over.

There were many people traveling toward JA City. And despite the weather being a bit parching, the famous scenic spot in JA City was still brimming with people.

Originally, the plan was for Carla to take Andrea with her and go mountain climbing, but she was worried that Andrea might get a bit too tired from that kind of activity, so she opted to go to an ancient city with a flat terrain as their destination.

They visited an old imperial city which covered a vast area. And after some renovations, there were even more and more places to come and visit.

From the moment they came in, they were welcomed to the site by a specially assigned person and were accompanied by a senior tour guide.

In truth, Terence had arranged for two bodyguards to accompany them. However, Carla thought that it would be a bit inappropriate, so she called him right away and told him that the bodyguards were unnecessary. After all, if they were constantly being followed by two men in black suits, it would just attract more attention toward them. So, Carla thought that having a guide tagging along would be enough.

Carla also prepared for this trip and brought a camera that could take pictures in high resolution to take more photos for Andrea, and to take photos of the scenery for her own design materials as well.

Carla was just about to move forward when she head Andrea calling out to her, "Callie?

Wait a second! There's a wishing pond right in front of us. I would like to make a wish before we proceed..."

With that, Carla had no choice but to wait for Andrea. She saw her mother get some loose change and throw them into the wishing pond. In reality, th

ge group!" Carla reassured her, wearing a pleasant expression on her face. Then, she proceeded to get her camera ready, aimed it at Andrea, and took some pictures as she smiled happily.

"Well, Carla! Don't just go taking pictures of me! Come here, show me how to use that camera. I would like to take some pictures of you as well!"

Andrea moved closer, thinking that Carla had only been taking pictures of her all this time. She also wanted to take some pictures of her daughter.

After showing Andrea twice how to use the camera, Carla moved a bit closer toward the waterfall and posed for her.

Andrea wasn't really well-versed with these high technology gadgets. And even though there had always been a lot of cameras in their family, she had never really been interested in these kinds of things.

She raised the camera and focused it on Carla. But when she was just about ready to take a shot, she realized that she had no idea what to press.

"Eh? Why did the picture turn out like this? Callie..."

Andrea wanted to ask Carla what was happening, but a young man suddenly appeared and approached her. "Auntie, would you allow me to lend you a hand?"

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