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   Chapter 489 Anniversary

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10647

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"What is it?"

Carla asked while she stared at Terence's hand. He was holding a small paper bag with red velvet.

"Open it and have a look." Terence handed the paper bag to her so she could reach out and take it.

Eager to know what was inside the bag, she took it from his hand quickly. She didn't say anything and just gave Terence a sweet smile. Then, she turned to the paper bag and immediately untied the satin ribbon at the top.

She took a peek and saw that something was shining inside.

Carla took it out and was greeted with a chain encrusted in pink diamonds.

She kept on turning her hand to see every side of the chain. The pink diamonds were glowing brightly all over. She fell in love with it at once. She even felt her heart melting from too much gratitude.

"Terence, this is so beautiful! What day is it today? Why are you giving me such a precious bracelet?"

Carla asked Terence while she looked at him with bright eyes. Before he could respond though, she took a few steps and kissed him deeply on the lips.

Terence raised his eyebrows and took the chain on her hand, "Sweetheart, this is an anklet, not a bracelet."

"What? It's an anklet?"

Carla had taken the chain back and tried it on her wrist. She found out that the chain was a bit too big for her wrist. Then, she raised her left foot and tried it around her ankle. It was a perfect fit.

"Terence, is it possible that the diamonds are fake?" She took off the chain from her foot and held it in her palm. Then, she looked at the diamonds carefully. She thought, 'If the diamonds are real, it's too luxurious to be worn around my ankle!'

Terence's smile froze when he heard Carla's words. He raised his right hand and gave her a light flick on the forehead. "Carla, how can it be fake when it is a gift from me?

Think about it. What day is it exactly? If you can't remember, I'm going to punish you!"

Then, he took the chain back in his hand and knelt down to put it back around her ankle.

Her delicate white skin seemed to be more attractive with the chain of pink diamonds.

Carla stretched her leg back and looked at the anklet on her foot. She found out that when the anklet was worn, the diamonds seemed to effortlessly hang from the chain. It looked more beautiful when she tried to move and take a step.

While she was looking at the chain, however, one question kept repeating in her mind, 'What day was it?

What made this day so special that he gave her such an expensive anklet?'

She racked her brain for several moments but to no avail. She couldn't figure it out. Turning to her husband, she asked, "Sweetheart, could you just tell me what day it is today? Is today a special one that's why you gave me an anklet?"

Terence looked at her in the eye for a while. Then, he raised his wrist so Carla could see his watch.

"This day last year, almost at the exact same time, we met each other in BH City. It's the anniversary of our first meeting. As for the anklet, I just want to give it to you as a commemoration of that very special day," Terence said lovingly.

However, he wasn't actually telling her everything. He also bought an anklet with a ch

was upwards. Naturally, going uphill made them slower.

At that very moment, the battery of the electric bicycle died out.

When the maid gave her the key, she was told that the battery was not fully charged. But Carla was too excited so she didn't pay much attention to it.

And now, here came the consequence.

"All right, I'll ask Nathan to come and pick us up. Put the electric bicycle to the side. We're going to let someone handle it," Terence said. He looked at Carla, who was obviously tired from the driving. Then, he took out his cell phone.

"No! How shameful would it be if you call him! Let me push it back!"

Carla said in embarrassment while she tried to push the electric bicycle forward. However, because the electric bicycle was too heavy, she had a hard time moving it by even an inch.

"Shameful? Well, Carla, when we were riding the bike earlier, didn't you notice the weird looks that so many people were giving us?"

Terence asked while he laughed. She only then realized how shameful it was. But it was already too late!

In total, there were seven people in the Seaview Villa, including Rainer, Nathan, Sean and four servants. All of them were standing by the windows and secretly looking at them when they got out of the Villa.

It was rare for them to see something like that.

It was only Terence's second time to sit on an electric bicycle. The first time was also with Carla where he didn't have any choice.

Shortly after, Terence dialed a number.

At the same time, he dragged the back seat of the electric bicycle, which Carla was still trying to push forward. "Stop pushing it. It's very far from our villa! You cannot do it!"

He told her and then he turned to the phone, "Nathan, come and pick us up."

Terence continued to talk to Nathan on the phone while he tried to stop Carla from pushing the electric bicycle.

"Well, Mr. Terence. Didn't you go out on that electric bicycle?" Nathan asked. A short silence followed where Terence could clearly hear his laughter.

"Don't let me repeat my request,"

Terence stated calmly with his eyebrows raised.

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