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   Chapter 488 The Chinese Traditional Medicines (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-11-10 00:13

"Oh, please! I am not that old. I showed him your examination results and told him about your situation. It was almost the same as if you were there. And besides, the medicines are there to nurse you back to health. They will help you keep your uterus warm for future pregnancy. For sure, they won't harm you at all!"

Andrea replied as she gave a warm smile at Carla. Then, she continued, "You just need to take them on time! After all, Chinese traditional medicine is profound. You can't trust everything about it, but it helps sometimes. Don't you agree?"

Upon hearing that, Carla nodded her head with no choice but to agree.

Earning her agreement into taking the medicines, Andrea stood up and said, "Alright! Let's start then. Take the first one during noontime,"


Carla was shocked about how soon it was going to be for her to take the horrible tasting medicines. With her mouth agape in shock, she watched Andrea already take a package of the medicines and walk to the kitchen. Andrea rolled up her sleeves, then proceeded to cook the medicines.

"Mother, please, can't we just start with it tomorrow?" Carla finally recovered and begged for her mother's mercy.

"Sooner or later, you can't escape from it! The earlier you take the medicines, the faster your agony ends!" Andrea replied to Carla. Then, she called Sophie and said, "Sophie, soak these medicines and herbs in the water. After that, we must brew it. Is there a casserole pot around? Where is the..."

Hearing their conversations, Carla knew she couldn't escape from the Chinese medicines today. She was left helpless as she laid on the co

with good views. That way, you can relax and take a rest, as well!"

"That's a great idea! I was just thinking about the same thing!" Carla agreed.

After all, Andrea was going to be in JA City for a month. And Carla thought it was a good idea to show her how beautiful this city was.

And even if she might have already been to some of the places, she still wanted to take her around the city. After all, the experience would never be the same because this time Andrea would be with Carla.

"Great! You can think of some places you could visit tomorrow. I will arrange everything for you, so I can make your trip tomorrow easier," he replied gently as he felt her in his arms.

There were a lot of people in most of the tourist parks during this time, especially in this kind of weather. Therefore, he needed to plan the day out for her ahead, so she and her mother would have a good time.

Suddenly, Terence seemed to have something on his mind. He suddenly reached into his pocket and took out a small container.

"Oh, and by the way, honey... I have a gift for you..."

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