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   Chapter 486 A Hen That Couldn't Lay Eggs

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10176

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Johnny didn't respond immediately and just finished his last shot. Soon after, he stood up straight and glanced at the women.

"Come on, it was just a race. How could I know anything about a person so quickly? Why don't you go and ask Terence instead? I bet he would definitely know better," he replied.

Without having much interest in the conversation, he then lazily grabbed his drink and took a sip. After that, he turned around and went on with the game he was playing.

"Oh, is that so? I heard that you have a very good relationship with his wife. But I could have misheard that part. My brain's kind of whacked today and I totally forgot who told me that..."

said the girl in the beautiful white dress. She then scratched her head out of frustration as she tried to think about who had spilled her the news.

Kelvin, who was playing pool with Johnny, aimed at one ball. He glared at them, and he grinned, "Jennie, didn't you know that Johnny has a lot of women friends? And Terence's wife might not be at the top of his list."

Jennie, the girl in the white dress, shrugged her shoulders and acted in silence upon hearing what Kelvin had just implied.

But Johnny knew better and never dared to put a finger on Terence's wife. He would be deemed to be out of his mind if he ever had the guts to even make a joke about her.

Eunice sneered, "Terrence's wife is the hostess of the An family... for now."

She said as she had the last sip of her juice. She then shook her head and smiled nonchalantly. "But nothing lasts forever. She is not going to be the hostess for too long," she continued.

"What do you mean by that, Eunice?"

Selma asked in confusion as her brows knitted together.

"What do I mean by what? What I meant was that she's not going to be Terrence's wife for too long. Let's give her one to two years and after that, they'll get divorced. If it were me, it might be even sooner for her to be kicked out of the family,"

Eunice explained slowly so that the other person could understand what she meant word for word. It seemed that god was on her side after all. Soon, Carla would not be the better daughter-in-law.

"What do you mean by that? Please expound. Now you're confusing me even more. Can't you get straight to the point? When Terence proposed to her, he had created quite a stir in JA City. I even had a taste of the chocolate that they passed around. They are newlyweds. It has only been half a year! What's wrong with their relationship?"

a girl who sat across Jennie asked with much curiosity.

Meanwhile, Johnny, who was playing pool at the other side of the room, paused for a moment as he eavesdropped on the women's conversation.

"Let's make it simpler. How long do you think a farmer could keep a hen that can't lay an egg?"

Eunice said casually without filter as she kept on sipping her juice. She then raised an eyebrow and held her stomach as she gestured to the women with surprised and shocked faces.

After the explosive news, the room fell silent. But that w

a big hug.

"Silly, why are you waiting for me here? How long have you been standing here?" Andrea smiled and gave her a pat on her back. And without getting any answer from her, Andrea figured that she had been waiting for her since she called her.

"Oh, mother, I just can't wait to see you!" Carla gave her a playful grin and complained. Then, she noticed that Noah walked out from another car behind the one her mother just arrived in.

Noah opened the trunk and took out bags of gifts.

"Callie, those are the clothes I bought for you from your last visit. I already told someone to alter the size for you!"

Andrea said with a smile.

Carla let go of her and walked towards the car. She then took a look at Noah, who kept on unloading more bags out of the trunk. But when she looked at how many bags there were, she was dumbfounded. "Oh my, there are so many of them! Mother, what are you doing? I don't need that many clothes."

"Silly. Your mother bought all of them while she was thinking of you! Just take them!" Noah said, smiling. And right after he had emptied the trunk, he closed it.

Carla nodded her head and called Sophie to find some people to carry all the luggage and bags in.

"Err? What is this?" She saw a lot of small packages which were wrapped up in papers in a big bag. She took a sniff and found that they had a traditional Chinese medicine aroma.

Andrea walked over to her and explained, "These are the medicines I bought for you. I asked the most famous Chinese doctor in the HA city to prepare them. You see, a lot of women became pregnant soon after drinking the medicines he prepared. So, I got some for you too!"


Carla felt speechless. Just thinking about how bitter the Chinese traditional medicines were made her frown. She dug through the bag and felt really hopeless. There were so many of them that she didn't know when she was going to finish them all.

"Carla, may I have a word with you?"

Noah asked, as he walked to the center of the grass lawn.

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