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   Chapter 485 Lynn's True Intention (Part Two)

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Carla was shocked to hear what she just said. She started to wonder if Lynn had read too many overly dramatic novels.

Carla couldn't figure out where she got this pregnancy idea from.

The most unimaginable thing for Carla was that Lynn was even willing to sleep with Terence just so she could be pregnant. Lynn was her cousin but Carla couldn't help but doubt her intentions. After she had taken care of the child and loved him/her as her own, Lynn might suddenly reveal to the child that she was the birth mother.

Carla felt that Lynn would be so heartless to set up such a trap after all that she had done for her.

Carla also wondered how dumb Lynn was to think that

she was stupid enough to fall into such a lousy trap.

Carla faked a cough. Then she said, "Lynn, you have pondered about it really well. You have also properly explained it to me. Just give me some time to think about it. Meanwhile, I have other matters to deal with right now. I have to go, but I will let you know my decision soon!"

Carla stood up and promptly walked away. She shook her head and felt sorry for herself for wasting such a beautiful morning in there.

"Okay. Just make sure to talk to Terence! I'll give you a call later!"

Lynn called out while Carla was on her way out.

As she watched Carla's retreating figure, Lynn became so excited. She clutched her fists into the air out of excitement. It seemed to her that Carla was not opposed to her idea.

As long as Carla wasn't against it, she believed that her plan would work. Once she got the opportunity to be in bed with Terence, she was sure that he wouldn't be able to control himself and fall in love with her beautiful face and young supple body.

Then Lynn started to daydream about kissing Terence's handsome

our husband would be a prince and you would at least be a princess. Not one of us would make it as far as you. You should really be happy about it!"

A girl in a white dress said after she drank from a margarita glass.

Eunice's best friend, Selma, was also there. She could be seen wearing a denim skirt. She commented, "I heard that Terence's wife was the daughter of the Hua family from HA City. Her family is just as rich as yours. She is going to be the hostess of the An family now. Is she nice? Will she give you a hard time?"

"I don't think she would do that. What do you think, Eunice? From what I heard, she's a really nice woman. Do you think you're going to get along with her?" the girl in the white dress remarked.

"You just heard about it. You haven't met her in person. How can you be sure that she's nice?" Selma sneered.

The girl in the white dress suddenly had an idea. She called out to a man who was playing billiards, "Johnny! Come here!" Johnny looked up at them and then approached their table. The girl then asked, "I remembered that you once competed in a horse race with Terence's wife. Am I right?

Can you tell us what kind of person she is?"

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