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   Chapter 484 Lynn's True Intention (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6026

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Carla took up the glass on the table. But instead of sipping the contents, she turned to look at Lynn who was cautiously standing opposite of her. Finding out that the glass was hot, Carla winced a little.

"What is it?" Carla asked after she placed the glass down.

Lynn looked up at her a little and replied softly, "You can look for a woman and pay her to be the surrogate for your baby. As long as we cover up the situation and it doesn't become public, no one would know that you didn't give birth to the baby. Also, if you think about it, the baby will still be yours and Terence's."

Lynn carefully looked at Carla's reaction but her face revealed nothing. All she did was turn away and stare on the floor so Lynn continued, "And the most important thing is that you would be able to keep your status in the An Family and still be Terence's wife!"

That was when Carla turned her focus back at Lynn. There was a glimmer of light that flashed through her eyes. Then, the corners of her mouth slowly turned upward in a bitter smile. She then responded, "That sounds like a good idea. But, who could that generous woman be? Who would agree to such an arrangement these days?"

Now that Carla finally had some reaction and seemed at least a little interested, Lynn suggested in a soft voice, "Since it would be very confidential, the woman will have to be reliable. She has to be someone whom you can trust. Don't you think so?"

Carla remained quiet as she was in deep thought. She kept on blinking her eyes but she didn't move that much. It was actually hard for Lynn to tell what was on her mind just by looking at her passive face. After a few more moments, Carla replied, "Why does it seem like you already have someone in mind?"

"In fact, I actually do. What do you think about me? I

ss to suggest such an idea, Carla wanted her to say it out loud, right in front of her face.

"Carla, you should talk to Terence. If he really loves you, he will agree with it. It's the easiest, most efficient, and most effective way,"

Lynn mumbled with her head bent down in a futile attempt to hide her face, which was turning redder by the minute.

"Okay, then. Let's say everything goes well—I agree with it, Terence also agrees with it, what would be the next step?" Carla asked. Despite the nature of the conversation, she was calm and collected.

When she saw how hard Lynn was blushing, Carla sneered quietly.

"If you both agree and no one takes an issue with it, then I can... I know it might be awkward, but for your sake, I can go through with it and do it with him until I get pregnant. So you could keep your place in the family and everything will be back to the way they were."

Lynn's face was almost as red as a tomato, but she continued, "Carla, don't worry about it. I will immediately give the baby to you once I give birth. I wouldn't lay claims or create any complications; I believe you will treat him or her as your own. You don't have to worry about me at all!"

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