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   Chapter 483 You Never Fail To Satisfy Me (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5653

Updated: 2019-11-08 17:50

"Rainer, you can go and take a rest," Terence said.

Then, Terence went inside the ring and walked towards Carla who was sitting on the floor.

Sean wanted to go to the ring as well and praise Carla, but Rainer took him out of the boxing room.

He hadn't forgotten what had happened last time.

So just in case the same thing would happen again, he knew that it was better for a kid like Sean to leave as soon as possible.

Carla watched as Terence approached her. Looking at him with a smile, she suddenly collapsed on the ring as if life had drained out of her.

"Why don't you stand up? Do you not want me to hug you?"

Terence bent to look at her. But the moment he was close enough, Carla unexpectedly hooked his neck and pressed him down with an elbow on it.

She was waiting for him to fight back, but Terence just lay motionless on the floor. He just stared at her and did nothing to counterattack.

"Honey, I told you that this isn't our battleground. If you want to beat me, go ahead, I won't fight back," Terence calmly stated.

When she heard this, Carla just stared at him for a few seconds then rolled her eyes. She wanted to play with him so they could have a little excitement but he didn't want to.

With a face of disapproval, she loosened her grip on his neck and bent one elbow to watch him.

"You're no fun. I know you still don't think I'm good enough, so you don't want to fight with me," Carla said.

Carla was extremely self-aware of herself and her capabilities. Terence actually admired her for that.

Holding her wrists, Terence got up and held her waist to make her sit on his lap. Then, he looked at her with a smile.

"Once we get b

, there is something that I have to talk to you about... I know the situation that you are in,"

Lynn said while she looked at Carla with sympathy. Lynn noticed that Carla was confused so she immediately continued, "Doctor Liu said that if you want to improve your health, she could prescribe something for you."

Carla paused and realized what she was getting at. Lynn was a nurse in the hospital, so it was easy for her to find out any patients' records. She could just check their medical history with a few clicks.

"Lynn, I hope that you can keep this a secret for the time being. Do it as a favor to me. Also, I don't think it's necessary to improve my health. Because if I want, I can find a lot of excellent doctors,"

Carla peacefully replied.

Lynn hid the fact that she was a little shocked that Carla admitted her situation just like that. Then, she looked around and noticed that there were a few people in the cafe, so she inched closer to Carla and whispered, "Carla, I know a solution to your problem that can give you instant and quick results. But I'm not sure if you're willing to give it a try."

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