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   Chapter 482 You Never Fail To Satisfy Me (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6076

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Although it was already time to go to bed, Sean excitedly followed Carla to the third floor. He was obviously in high spirits which were clear if one looked at the huge smile on his face and the little hop in his steps.

Rainer was asked to be there as well, along with Nathan who fully intended to watch the fun even if he wasn't asked.

At that moment, Rainer saw Carla who was already inside the ring. All of a sudden, he felt pressured so he smiled wryly at Terence from the audience.

"Mr. Terence, I think it would be better if I come down. You should practice with Mrs. Carla instead. I don't really want to get in your way," Rainer said cautiously.

Carla was actually wearing loose sportswear but she didn't have her boxing gloves on. As a matter of fact, she just wanted to practice close quarters combat. Such a physical exercise focused on reaction speed and precision of movements instead of strength so it would be uncomfortable to wear boxing gloves.

When she noticed that Rainer was a little hesitant, Carla knew that if they didn't start right away, Rainer wouldn't dare to take the initiative or even take a step the whole night.

With this in mind, Carla took the lead and stepped forward as a gesture that she was going to attack. Then, without pausing, she swung her fist at him.

Even though he was caught off guard, Rainer instinctively caught her fist. But then he found out that it was just a diversion. What Carla had been planning was to attack his lower abdomen.

Fortunately for him, Rainer managed to step backward and quickly dodge her attack even though he was stunned for a short while. However, after taking one step backward, he realized that Carla had changed her strategy once again.

She stepped forward and took the opportunity to grab his right hand. Before he co

e, but he could get a beating if he fought gently.

Mrs. Carla isn't just a pretty wallflower for decoration. Her skills show that she has been trained by the coach that Nicholas hired. He was known to be the best in the field of close quarters combat.' Rainer thought while he tried to catch his breath.

Caressing her sore hand, Carla sat on the floor and heaved a sigh of relief as well.

She had to admit that women did have their weaknesses. After all, women were generally inferior to men when it came to physical strength. Science had proved that.

When she was watching Terence fight before, she thought that it was just easy. But now that she was doing it herself, she began to realize that physical strength alone was not enough to win in a fight.

"I'm sorry for hurting you, Mrs. Carla,"

Rainer apologized.

Waving her hands to him as a gesture to just shrug it off, Carla said, "What nonsense are you talking about?! I asked you to practice with me so you didn't hurt me. Instead, I should thank you."

Although their practice session was not that long, it cost her so much energy because she had to completely focus on the fight. It actually made her exhausted like never before.

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