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   Chapter 481 Fight With Me

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It had gotten late in the afternoon. The heavy downpour outside made the sky seem very gloomy. The sun had shied away sooner than usual as the sky welcomed another dusk.

The street they found themselves on was beside the AJ Building. Carla assumed that Terence had probably just finished his work.

Before Carla could say anything, Jason honked at the car in front of them, twice.

It was a black Maybach. Due to the heavy downpour, the driver was being overly cautious. However, he didn't want the driver to go any faster. He simply recognized the car and knew who the owner was.

Terence had many expensive cars parked at the Seaview Villa. He wasn't the person who would be sufficed with just one favorite car. He drove a randomly selected car from his garage every day to work. Only the drivers like Jason who had been in and out of the Seaview Villa during several occasions could recognize all of his cars.

It seemed that the driver in the black Maybach had in fact noticed the car behind him too. The owner might have recognized the car as well. The black Maybach slowly pulled over.

Carla always sat in this car whenever she travelled.

Noticing the black Maybach slowing down, Carla was about to open the door and rush outside. The door of the black car had already swung open by then.

Despite the heavy rain, Nathan stepped out of the car. He opened a black umbrella and pulled the back door open.

A pair of black leather shoes was visible at the outset. Carla could see a pair of dark gray trousers. The owner of the elegant shoes and pants gently placed his feet on the wet ground. Then she got to see his white shirt. It was Terence after all. He had a black coat hanging down from his arm.

His six feet tall body was in perfect shape as usual. His eyes lit up like a shining star. Glancing at the car which Carla was in, he pursed his lips a little and walked over to her.

Staring at him, Carla felt as if he was a character from a television show. She couldn't take her eyes off him.

When he was halfway over, a thought suddenly crossed her mind. Then, she hastily fished her phone out from her handbag. She rolled down the window, exposed her phone to the rain and took many pictures of him.

She did it because she knew that the window would blur the picture. She had made a decision to draw him. He was going to be the subject of her upcoming work.

Seeing the woman who was putting her hand out and taking pictures of him, Terence beamed. When he was about to walk towards the car, he noticed Nathan with the open umbrella and got beneath it.

Carla had already moved over to make room for Terence. She was wiping the water droplets off her phone. Seeing his face, she cracked a big smile and eagerly waited for him to get in.

"What a silly lady! You can look at me any time. Is it that necessary for you to go to all that trouble to take pictures of me in the rain?" said Terrence, turning his head towards her.

He got into the car and ordered Nathan to drive the car back to the Seaview Villa.

"This is different! A picture would make my life much easier when I draw you!" she explained with a big smile. Putting her phone away, she wished to sit right next to him. However, she didn't. She realized that her shirt was soaking wet. It would be the best for her to stay put and not budge an inch further.

"Where have you been? Why are your clothes all drenc

e had forgotten almost all of those lessons.

"I am bored with this. I am done with this stupid game. Terence, I want to fight for real. Do you want to try your luck?" she asked, putting the controller down. She actually thought a real fight would up her spirits much more than a game in the virtual world could.

She would rather spend the time practicing her physical fighting skills than on a computer game. She could at least use those skills to save herself from trouble, in case it arose.

"Oh well. No wonder you are bored. You just killed me five or six times in a matter of a few minutes," replied Terence. Lying back on the couch, he put down the controller too.

He knew it was her avatar, so he didn't want to shoot.

Carla was a bit embarrassed. She cracked a big smile, pulled him up and asked, "Can you please come to the third floor with me? I haven't practiced my fighting skills in such a long time. I'd feel bad if I forgot how to fight. Don't you think so too? Please come and fight with me! Please!"

Terence shot a quick glance at her as she had just showered and gotten excited by a computer game.

"I told you I won't fight with you anymore. Go get changed. I will ask Rainer to fight with you," he said.

Carla blushed, "We've fought before. I don't think it's such a big deal. Fine! If you don't want to fight with me, that's your decision. But why do you ask Rainer instead of Nathan?"

As she stood up, Carla was going to go back to her room to get changed.

"Nathan could end up overpowering you. He might hurt you," Terence explained and followed her back to their room.

Only Sean was left in his room. He rubbed his head in terrifying shock. He couldn't believe what he had just heard.

He was shocked that his skinny weak sister could fight with Rainer.

He could only assume that they were joking. However, he doubted himself after he remembered how serious they were while they were talking about it.

He had seen Rainer and Nathan fighting with others. Despite the gender difference, he still couldn't believe his sister could fight with any one of them.

He wanted to witness it.

It was his sister who hit him all the time. He hadn't seen his sister being hit by anyone.

He really had to see it for once!

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