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   Chapter 480 Meet In The Heavy Rain

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10753

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Carla simply nodded her head in agreement. 'That's right. Life is too short, so you should make the most of it, ' she pondered to herself.

She had always dreamt of having children with Terence and making a family, and she was more than willing to go to great lengths to make it come to true.


But if worse comes to worst and she couldn't have a baby even after trying everything, she decided that she would still always be there by his side.


The morning after, Carla and Terence headed out of the An Manor together.

Terence had already informed Edmund beforehand about their plan to go back home to the Seaview Villa.

Carla intended to go to the company along with Terence, but he insisted that it would best if she just stayed home.

He knew how busy she had been while preparing for the wedding until just recently. Now that it was finally over, she should be getting some well-deserved time to rest and recharge.

As a result, Carla had to go back to the Seaview Villa on her own.

She spent a couple of days relaxing at home and made it a point not to leave the house until she could finish one more painting.

But on this particular day, Carla put on a mask, layered her clothes and decided to go outside.

Without Terence's knowledge, she found another hospital to have herself tested. She was still young, so there was no way in hell she would give up just like that.

For that reason, Carla decided to consult more doctors. Maybe she could find a way to get things back to normal. Despite knowing fully well what the worst-case scenario would be, she still wanted to give it a shot.

When she was done with the examinations, Carla ended up hearing the doctors say the exact same diagnosis, much like what she originally heard back in HA City.

None of them explicitly told her whether she could still have a baby in the future or not. They just told her that she might have a hard time trying to get pregnant, but there was still a tiny chance of it happening.

Upon walking out of the doctor's office, Carla heaved a heavy sigh. She was cudgeling her brains about whether she should tell Andrea about it or not. For the most part, girls would turn to their mothers whenever they got stuck in a situation like this.

"Carla! Is that you? What are you doing in a place like this?"

The minute Carla got out of the office, she unexpectedly bumped into Lynn who had a nurse's uniform on.

"Lynn? Oh, it's nothing much, really. I was just feeling a bit under the weather, so I came here to get myself examined. What about you? Why are you here?"

Walking over towards her, Lynn replied, "I was assigned to this hospital for my internship. Are you alright? Is it anything serious? Would you like for me to refer you to a nice doctor?"

"I assure you. There's nothing wrong. You don't have to worry about it."

Trying her best to look as calm as she could, Carla left the hospital right away after catching up with Lynn for a moment.



Be that as it may, the moment she left, Lynn actually slipped into the doctor's office where Carla had just been.

"Doc, the patient you were just talking to earlier, she's my cousin. She wanted me to ask you if you could

m the rain, so she just helplessly watched the rain pour down, which didn't seem to be showing any signs of stopping any time soon.

She was all alone in the street.

Carla immediately asked the driver to pullover and grabbed a folding umbrella lying on the car and got out.

"Do you live far from here, sweetheart?"

Shaking her head, the little girl beamed her a smile through the rain. "It's not that far, but it's still a block away. Thank you for worrying about me, ma'am. But I'll be just fine."

"Are you willing to trust me? Could you please allow this lady to take you home, sweetheart?" Leaning a bit closer, Carla asked the little girl who somewhat reminded her of Sean.

She thought of that time when he ran away from home. Fortunately, he came across a kind man, so he was able to safely come back home.

Shaking her head, the little girl seemed to have her guard up.

Carla had no intention to persuade her, so she just handed her umbrella over and beamed her a smile. "Here, you can have this umbrella. I came here by my car, so I won't be needing it. Please take the umbrella and go home right away, sweetheart. It's not safe to be standing all by yourself in the street. And your parents might get worried."

"But, ma'am, you..."

The little girl wanted to refuse and give her back the umbrella, but Carla turned around so quickly after giving her a soft smile and hurriedly ran to the car parked by the roadside.

As she watched the car drive away in the rain, the little girl was touched at the gesture and kept staring at the car as it disappeared into the distance. Holding the umbrella in her hand, she hurriedly went straight home.

When she hopped into the car, Carla proceeded to take off her coat, which had gotten wet under the rain, and grabbed some tissues to wipe her face with.

"Ma'am, please use this." Jason grabbed a clean towel and handed it over to her.

"Thank you, Jason. I appreciate it." Carla grabbed the towel and wiped her hair right away.

Jason continued driving for some time, but all of sudden, he blurted out in excitement, "Ma'am, look! Isn't that Mr. Terence's car?"

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