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   Chapter 478 Carla, You Should Learn To Be Calculated

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10338

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"Eunice, stop talking like that! It's the family's number one rule. You can question everything else, but you can't doubt anything about the future heir!"

Rhys exclaimed as his face became more serious.

Rhys knew what the consequence was if he dared to rob Terence of the position in the AJ Group as the heir. After all, his eldest brother, Marcus, was the best example to this ordeal.

This was also due to the fact that he didn't aspire for the position at all for he was already contented with his current place in the company and the quality of life that he already had.

Being born with a silver spoon in his mouth as part of the An family, Rhys, as the second son, could live a comfortable and luxurious life without having to worry about the future because he already had everything that he needed.

He thought that the did not need the position which did not belong to him in the first place. After all, if he indeed had it, there was a huge chance that he would end up with nothing.

"I didn't mean that, Rhys. Okay, I won't talk about it anymore." Eunice noticed that Rhys was unhappy with their discussion. She then lowered her voice and controlled her temper. After all, she should have cut him off some slack for it was their first day as a married couple.

"But hey, I heard an interesting piece of news yesterday, and I think that it could be to our advantage!"

Eunice sat down beside Rhys and said, "So...I met someone in the hospital and she told me that Terence and Carla had a pre-pregnancy check-up two months ago..."

Feeling puzzled, Rhys asked, "So? What was the result? How was it?"

"Didn't you hear about it? I heard that Terence was okay, but I heard that Carla would less likely be successful with future pregnancies due to her miscarriage last time...

If what I heard was true, our child could have the possibility of being the heir of the AJ Group," Eunice said in a pleasant tone.

"What? Are you serious? Are you sure about this news?"

Rhys also felt surprised upon hearing Eunice's words.

Eunice nodded with a bright smile. "It must be true. After all, my family is also relatively powerful and could provide us with reliable news!"

Rhys thought for a while and then gradually curled his lips upward in a smile. Then, he muttered, "If Terence and Carla had no children, our child would naturally be the first in line as a candidate to be the heir of the AJ Group. But..."

Rhys paused for a few moments as he arranged his thoughts.

"But...?" Eunice asked urgently as she waited for her husband's response.

"But if Carla can't be pregnant, I think my father will not accept her as his daughter-in-law anymore. And my father will have to force Terence to divorce Carla and eventually ask him to marry another woman. That's right, it is really possible!" exclaimed Rhys as his voice became excited.

He knew his father very well and also understood the deep-rooted rules in the An family. He knew that the elders would only accept Terence's child as the heir.

Hearing Rhys' words, Eunice was stunned for a while and then

so cared about his wife's feelings and not only his own.

But with every question thrown at her, she only felt...

so ashamed of telling him the truth about how she felt.


The next morning, Rhys and Eunice went through the necessary process—bootlicking and serving tea to the elders and paying their respects to the ancestors.

This process, however, signaled the end of their long wedding ceremony.

Meanwhile, Terence returned to the company while Carla still stayed in the An Manor and ordered the servants to finish some wind-up work.

Now that Eunice had married into the An family, she would now live in the An Manor for a couple of days.

Carla, now her sister-in-law, would also be there to accompany her.

And again, just like clockwork, Eunice called Carla for a massage just two days after.

But Carla knew better this time. She did not bother to attend to her, but instead sent Dolores to give Eunice a massage.

Eunice was originally unsatisfied with Carla's attitude even before the marriage with Rhys. But as soon as she heard that Dolores used to massage Nicholas and Edmund frequently, she had no choice but to shut up. She was younger than any of them in the An family, therefore she had no right to judge and complain when facing such an experienced maid.

After staying in the An Manor for a few more days, Carla planned to go back to the Seaview Villa immediately the next day.

She thought that she had stayed too long. And during this period, she realized the Sean must have already missed her so much since she had not been around for the past few days.

The night grew darker and everyone in the whole family was there at the dinner table for supper.

Carla originally wanted to tell Edmund about her plan of going back to the Seaview Villa.

However, before she could open her mouth, Eunice suddenly broke the silence.

"Father, I went to the clinic to have a maternity check-up today. Guess what the doctor said?"

Eunice said with a smile that turned into a smirk as she looked sideways at Carla.

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