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   Chapter 477 Rhys' Wedding Day

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Time quickly passed by.

It was already Rhys's wedding day.

Carla didn't know how Terence had settled the issue of the betrothal gift that had to be offered to the Mu family. Rhys didn't mention it to her again, nor did the Mu family say or do anything else.

Later she learned that Terence had made a promise to the Mu family that after the building was finished, 5% of its shares would go to the Mu family.

The Mu family agreed to this. The shares could eventually financially provide for them. While 5% was not a huge number, it could still mean a lot to the Mu family.

All the businesses of the AJ Group had amazing profits.

Eunice had been pregnant for nearly three months. Even though the wedding was moved to an earlier date, she still had a slight bump when the day came.

Most of the guests in attendance already knew this so it didn't come as a surprise.

After all, it was pretty obvious especially with how Eunice behaved. She took her time as she walked. Whenever she would go up or down the stairs, she asked someone to assist her. She was always surrounded by people even though she wasn't doing anything.

It was very noticeable that Eunice was pregnant.

Unlike Eunice, Carla preferred to keep a low profile. When she had first found out that she was pregnant, she scolded Terrence for making such a big deal out of it and telling everyone.

The whole ceremony also tired Carla out.

Carla had to tend to Eunice's needs as she couldn't do much being pregnant and having the wedding at the same time.

The good thing was that Rhys and Eunice's wedding feast didn't need to be as complicated as Terrence and Carla's wedding feast. Everything was finished in one day.

Even though Eunice wasn't exactly happy about it, she had to accept Rhys and Terrence for who they were.

Rhys was not a legitimate child of his father, and his mother had never gotten married to his father, Edmund.

While they always said that they were equal by law, people didn't really see it that way. The guests that were invited to the wedding feast of Rhys and Eunice were only relatives and close personal friends.

Even grandpa Nicolas' friends from the army and Edmund's friends in politics weren't invited.

Ultimately, Rhys's wedding wasn't comparable to Terrence's.

"Mrs. Carla, Mrs. Eunice isn't feeling well and she's asking if you could go see her..."

the servant came in and told Carla. She had just finished her tasks and was just about to sit down for

ests used were all made of pure gold!"

"Eunice, even though we could afford it, that was really unnecessary. People will talk if we show our wealth too much and besides, luxury isn't the tradition in weddings. That's what I was taught growing up,"

Rhys softly said. He thought Eunice was being unreasonable and jealous. After all, their wedding wasn't as good as Terrence's was.

Eunice seemed to even be more annoyed upon hearing this. She pushed Rhys away and said, "Rhys, I really hate how many rules you have in your family! It's the 20th century. Why are we still doing what your ancestors did?"

"Baby, why are you so angry again?"

Rhys asked, a bit taken aback. "They say you can't accomplish anything if you don't establish standards. My family got to where it is today partly because of the lessons that our ancestors had taught us.

If we don't follow these rules and standards, what would become of us?"

"Rhys, I still really hate the rules of your family. If it weren't for those stupid rules, you'd inherit the same amount of wealth as everyone else even if you're not a legitimate child! You're my husband you're the older brother, why would I listen to your younger brother's wife?"

Eunice asked as she scooted away from her husband so she could look him in the eye.

This was the only thing that made her unhappy.

Rhys was a great man but this was something that she had trouble accepting.

Eunice thought she should be the one who made the decisions about the family matters as her husband was the elder brother.

But when she realized that Carla had as just much rights as she did. Why would she be okay with that?

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