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   Chapter 476 Carla Couldn't Avoid The Bad Blood

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 13637

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Carla might have been speaking a little too loudly

because everyone who came out of the elevator was staring at her. Actually, they could all hear every single word of their conversation.

"Mr. Cameron, this is my husband. I'm going to ask him to apologize to you, so please don't be mad," Carla humbly said.

And then, she was about to rush to Terence as if she was grasping for dear life.

But Cameron began to speak, stopping her in her tracks.

"Wait a moment, Mrs. Carla. That's very kind of you! But I was just joking, so please, there is no need to apologize. You can call me any time you'd like to. You can even come to our place if you would like,"

he offered. He was smiling at Carla with embarrassment written all over his face. There was even cold sweat on his forehead.

"Oh, I see. You're very kind but I'll make sure to be more careful next time," Carla responded.

When she noticed that Cameron was turning pale because of fear, Carla couldn't help but laugh. She replied immediately so that he wouldn't be embarrassed any longer.

Then, she caught up with Terence as quickly as she could.

Turning to the woman running to him, Terence smiled and reached out for her hand. He then asked, "What happened? Did you annoy Cameron?"

Carla squeezed his hand while she nodded with a pout on her face.

"I didn't know that people were not allowed to come and go at will. The security guy didn't inform me either so I was completely clueless. When Cameron saw me wandering alone in the company, he called me out immediately," Carla stated, still feeling regretful with what she did.

She got used to the freedom that Terence had always given her. He never imposed restrictions on her, so she went to the company whenever she wanted, without thinking about it too much.


Terence called out to Cameron out of nowhere. He then turned to the man who looked so pale that he could rival fresh snow.

"Mr. Terence, I can explain. It was all just a misunderstanding. Mrs. Carla was so humble and kind. You're so fortunate to be married to her. It's completely my fault that I didn't recognize her as soon as I saw her. So if there's anyone who should be blamed, it's me."

Cameron said in a trembling voice while he wiped his sweat a little too shakily.

"By the way, Mr. Terence here is the file that you asked me to prepare," he quickly added, ultimately changing the subject.

Then, with trembling pale hands, Cameron handed over the file that he was holding to Terence.

Terence only nodded and reached out for the file.

Carla wanted to laugh when she saw the "adorable" and compliant Cameron. She actually admired his honesty and integrity. Most people would have a hard time admitting their faults but Cameron was brave enough to recognize his.

However, it was a pity that he changed into a different person so fast. Now that Carla saw how delightful he could be, she saw the previously mean and strict Cameron in a new and better light.

Minutes later, she followed Terence out of the Research and Development Department and got in the car with him.

Carla had been holding it for so long so the moment the doors of the car were closed, she burst into laughter. She then turned to Terence and said, "Do you realize how cute your staff is in that Department?"

"Cameron is a little strict and firm, but he's a senior staff with trustworthy capabilities in the department. He has been with the company for a very long time. So honey, please don't bother yourself, arguing with him," Terence smiled and consoled her.

Then, he asked Nathan to take them to the company.

"Of course I won't. What do you think I am? Don't you know that I'm such a generous person?" Carla reassured him while she looked at him with a smile. Normally, Carla would have fought back when she felt that she was wronged.

But it was a different situation this time. Cameron was only doing his job. Carla knew that he was just doing what he was actually supposed to do. On top of that, he did it in a very adorable way. So Carla couldn

ending cycle."

"Honey, everyone goes through what you're going through. Problems and circumstances are a part of life. It's inevitable to encounter them multiple times. However, if we don't push through and trod down the thistles and thorns, they will haunt us forever. That is why... We have to overcome every difficulty that comes our way so we can have that bright and peaceful future that you want."

Terence told her while he caressed her hand.

It wasn't easy to be the daughter-in-law of the An family. Carla had been warned about this multiple times in the past. But at that time, she didn't think that it would be this hard.

"Fine, but tell me right now. How should we deal with this betrothal gift thing? If the amount is less than that of our wedding, will the Mu family be offended?"

Carla reminded him of their original problem in an attempt to fix it right away.

As for the problems that were going to come their way, she told herself, 'We're just going to cross the bridge when we get there.'

Although she didn't have experience with mind games and plots against one another, Carla had her own strengths. And most importantly, she wasn't born to be taken advantage of. She might not have been raised to deal with matters like an heiress of a powerful family, but she was a fighter all her life. She wouldn't ever back down without a fight.

"You should ask Rhys to talk to me about that. Father has his personal reasons why he doesn't want to be involved in the matter. If he disagrees with Rhys, he will insult the Mu family. That would create a crack on their otherwise spotless relationship. But if he agrees, he knew the consequences that will fall on me. Therefore, he doesn't want to make any decision about it. He just decides to throw this problem on our laps, "Terence comprehensively explained. He was actually training Carla how to think in this shrewd situation that they found themselves in.

For Terence, since he could clearly see their intentions of wanting to acquire the land, he couldn't just give in to them so easily.

The Mu family wanted to take advantage of the Hua family so that they could step on Carla.

They thought it would be that easy. But they might have forgotten that they needed Terence's permission before the land could be theirs.

It belonged to the An Family, and the An Family was Terence. Technically, the property belonged to Terence. He had power over it.

If Terence refused Rhys's request, they wouldn't be able to inflict harm on Carla and her status in the family. Even if Eunice was the daughter of the prime minister, let alone the daughter of the bank's president, it wouldn't be enough against the influence that Terence had.

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