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   Chapter 475 A Grave Mistake and A Turn Of Events

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Carla looked up only to see that Rhys was walking towards her. She smiled at him while she handed over the book to the housekeeper. She then exclaimed, "Brother, you're here! You know what, you came at just the right time. You see, I'm having trouble deciding the amount of the cash gift that we're going to offer to the family of your future wife. I think your opinion would be a great help since you know her family really well. How much do you think would they want? How much would be the appropriate amount to offer them? I don't really have any experience with this kind of thing, so I'm actually a little confused right now. Without an exact amount, I can't give any offers to the Mu family."

Rhys coughed a little when he heard Carla's concerns. In fact, he looked a little embarrassed at the time.

With an air of awkwardness, he stated, "Sister-in-law, what a coincidence. I actually came here, hoping to discuss this matter with you."

Carla could see the hesitation in his tone. So she waved at the housekeeper, who was standing beside her, and gestured for him to leave. She got up and walked towards the sofa in the living room before saying, "Brother, come and sit down. Let's talk about it in detail. Irma, bring us two cups of tea."

She turned to Irma before she finally sat down on the sofa.

Rhys sat opposite of her and said, "Carla, you already know that the Mu family, my wife's birth family, is not a simple and impoverished family at all. Like our family, they are of high status and are affluent. I'm thinking that if we just give them a cash gift, would it not be a little too tacky? I mean, they already have enough money."

Carla didn't expect that Rhys would tell her that. She hid the astonishment that she was feeling. Instead, she just smiled with her big eyes and asked, "So what do you think would be proper to give them?"

"I remembered that we have just won a piece of land in a bidding, the one located in the suburb of JA City. It didn't cost too much when we bought it. So I'm thinking, why don't we just give it as a present to the Mu family?"

Rhys asked in a gentle and soft tone as if he would give up the idea if Carla even said a word in disagreement.

Be that as it may, the truth was that the idea did not just dawn on him out of the blue. It was, in fact, suggested to Rhys by Eunice herself. Certainly, she didn't come up with the idea on her own. There's a high possibility that it was requested by her father.

"Well, I'm going to have to discuss this with Terence when he gets back. Can I give you an answer after we have talked about this?" Carla asked. She couldn't say yes to Rhys's request so quickly and promise him anything since she didn't have any information about the land that he was talking about. She thought that it might create complications if she immediately agreed.

"Carla, you should know that this is just a small matter. It's not really worthy of a lengthy discussion at all. As long as you tell him that I requested it, I believe that Terence will not refuse his younger brother. After all, the value of that piece of land is just nothing for the An family."

Rhys tried to persuade Carla when he noticed that she seemed quite hesitant. He seemed calm and relaxed while he explained the matter in detail.

"I see your point. But if it's that simple, then it wouldn't hurt to inform Terence about this first, right? Or are you afraid that he will disagree once he hears about this?" Carla didn't actually want to continue talking about the piece of land and the cash gift so she brushed the subject aside and immediately followed up with, "By the way, Brother, has your future bride tried on the dress that we sent her?

Please tell her that the designer could adjust the waistline accordingly. So we have to make sure that the other parts of the dress also fit perfectly."

"Yes, she tried it on. It's just perfect." Rhys responded but it didn't seem like his full attention was on the conversation. After a few moments, it looked like he was about to say something but he was holding it back. It actually seemed like he was conflicted. After a while more, he strengthened his back, placed his hands on his lap and finally decided to blurt it out, "Carla, we are a family now. So I'm not going to hide something from you. I'll be straightforward and tell it to you

ed to come to work here anymore. Yes, I guess, that's how we're going to resolve this situation."

Then, the director pulled a long face and snorted. He took out his phone where he had all the detailed information of all the members of the staff in the department.

"No, Mr. Director, I understand that you're really mad right now. But why don't you calm down first? I really did something wrong. I admit that I was ignorant and careless. Could you please find it in you to forgive me? My husband has never mentioned to me that no relatives can enter the building. If only I knew about this rule, I would have just waited outside."

Carla was still in the throes of being terrified while she looked at the director's angry face but she kept apologizing because she didn't want to make the situation worse. If she argued with him, it would create a commotion and further taint both of their reputation to the company.

After all, the director seemed really strict and honorable. Carla knew that he was just abiding by the rules and regulations of the company.

From Carla's perspective, it was all her fault because she had no idea about the rule and the security guards knew her so they just let her in without informing her of the rule or stopping her. So now, she was forced to face such an embarrassing situation.

"No, that won't resolve this issue for me. Your husband violated the first and foremost rule of the department. So how could I believe that he will work diligently and carefully? Furthermore, if I let this slide, all the members of the staff might think that we're not serious in implementing the rules of this Department."

The director seemed to be incredibly honest and righteous that he didn't have the consideration of letting Carla or her husband get away from the consequences of her mistake so easily.

Carla let out a long sigh as she bent her head even lower. Then she said in a low and humble voice, "His family name is An. Mr. Director, I'm now aware of what I did wrong and I will leave the premises immediately. Could you just forgive me?" Carla tried to beg once more.

"What was his name? I didn't hear you clearly. Say it louder."

The director kept a straight face and yelled at her again.

"His name is Terence, Mr. Director."

Carla straightened herself and said in a quite loud voice.

"What? What did you just say?"

The director was about to type the name on his phone when he heard Carla. All of a sudden, his fingers stopped moving halfway. He was so shocked that he didn't move for a long time. From Carla's perspective, at that moment, he looked like a bronze statue holding a phone in his right hand.

At the same time, the elevator rang indicating that there were people arriving at the lobby. When the elevator opened, about seven or eight people walked out of it.

Walking in front of the crowd was no other than Terence himself.

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