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   Chapter 474 Is Sister-in-law Pregnant

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Carla held him tightly in her arms one more time. She was so moved that she squeezed him even tighter. If anyone looked at her face, they wouldn't be able to tell whether she was crying or laughing. After a few moments, she finally released him from the hug a little bit so she could say, "Sean, do you know what I'm the proudest of in my life?

It's that I have such a considerate brother who grew up caring not just for himself but for others well."

Their relationship was always two-way. She couldn't live without Sean and Sean couldn't live without her. They had always relied on each other. But she felt even luckier to have Sean by her side during days that were especially tough. They suffered a lot of things together and instead of breaking them apart, it only made their relationship much stronger than ever.

When Terence saw them hugging each other from a distance, he smiled and walked towards them. He just finished talking with Russell, the guy who stumbled upon Sean on the side of the road. Terrence had already expressed his gratitude to the man so he was free to be with them.

He also promised Russell that he could go and ask him for help whenever he would encounter difficulties in the future.

Terence approached his wife and her brother but he just stood near them. He restrained himself a bit because he didn't want to interrupt their moment. However, he couldn't help himself so he lowered his upper body to wrap both of them into his arms.

"Everything's fine, my darling and Sean. Should we go back home now?"

Then, Terence rubbed Sean's head gently. With a kind and understanding tone, he said, "Sean, don't do this again, okay? You might not know it but your sister has cried so many times for you. You can't even begin to imagine how concerned she is for you."

Sean sniffed and then wiped away the tears on his face with the back of his hand. He sobbed, "Terrence, I know. I will never give you and my sister any kind of trouble ever again."

"Well, that's very sweet of you. You see, Sean. You have to remember that right now, you are not alone. Your sister and I are your closest relatives now. We are a family now and forever. We have the strongest bond and no one will ever get between us, okay?"

Terence said in a gentle voice while he looked at Sean with a big smile on his face.

Sean nodded his head while determination seemed to form on his face. In a serious tone, he said, "My brother-in-law, I understand. Right now, I feel like I have grown up. I learned my lesson and I will never be disobedient like that again.

Moreover, when I become an actual adult, I will share some of your work. So at least some burden will be lifted off your shoulders and you can have more time to be with my sister. You can even have more time to relax!"

While he was listening to Sean, Terence was so moved that he even had an impulse to cry. Instead, he just smiled and nodded. He replied, "Then, that couldn't be more excellent for me. That's a deal, okay? After you finish university, you can go straight to my company and help me with the work there."

Sean's words actually reminded Terence of a very important thing.

It suddenly dawned on him that even if he and Carla couldn't bear a child, Sean would still be there with them. After all, he was already like their biological child.

Carla continued to turn from Terence to Sean. These two men had a wide gap in their ages but they had the same amount of love in her heart. She felt both happy and a little sad to hear their conversation and see the expressions on their faces. What she didn't expect was that Sean became even more considerate overnight.

She thought that a person would likely grow up at a very specific moment especially when something significant happened in their lives.

All things were finally settled, so they drove back to the Seaview Villa.

Upon seeing that Sean was actu

wedding. Some of which were standard for every wedding so she didn't have to attend to those matters herself. Instead, she asked trusted people to take charge.

Although, there were some things that she had to determine, herself because Edmund didn't pay any attention to them at all.

It was clear that Eunice was going to be married into the An family, but she would just be her sister-in-law. Carla would still remain as the female master of the family. So sooner or later, she had to be in-charge of such matters.

Edmund was fully aware of this so he didn't intervene in the matter. He just let Carla manage the whole organization process.

He also knew that Terence regarded her as his lover and wife in this lifetime. Even as his father, he still couldn't change his mind or even sway the determination that he had. So Edmund decided to just let him be.

'After all, time could only tell what will happen in the future, ' he thought to himself.

"Mrs. Carla, could we settle the exact amount of the cash gift?" The housekeeper asked while he walked towards Carla with a book in his hand.

"Didn't I tell you to ask my father first?" She was surprised to hear the housekeeper's question and raised her brows while she asked.

Normally, when it came to the cash gift, it was always determined by the family of the bride.

However, it was the An family that Eunice was going to be married into. And Eunice's family, the Mu family, was wealthy as well. Both families didn't care about the amount at all so they just asked Carla to determine it herself.

As long as they could see the sincerity of the An family, then Eunice's family would be satisfied.

However, the more they let Carla decide trivial matters, the more difficult it became for her.

She didn't have any experience when it came to giving the cash gift to the bride's family and didn't know how much would be proper for the Mu Family. So she instructed the housekeeper to ask Edmund first.

"Mr. Edmund said that it could be determined by you and Mr. Terence," the housekeeper helplessly said. He bowed his head because he was worried that Carla would be upset when she heard the reply.

However, she just let out a long sigh and then said, "Well, if that's the case I will go and discuss this with Terence. With that, could you help me check whether there's something else that remains unsettled?"

For the next hour, Carla was so absorbed in discussing the details of the wedding ceremony with the housekeeper.

She didn't even notice that Rhys was walking towards them.

"My sister-in-law, are you busy right now?"

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