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   Chapter 473 I Was Wrong

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The middle-aged man was surprised for a second but then his lips curved into a smile. He was amused when he finally processed what Sean had just asked him. "Do you really think I'm going to tell you if I was an actual human trafficker?"

It was often forgotten because of the things that have been happening all around but there were still a lot of good people in the world. Society may not always encounter them but they exist. And sometimes, when they were most needed, they would just appear out of nowhere.

"Uhmm... I guess not? But if you were, you would have been quite nervous the moment I asked you,"

Sean calmly replied. Looking at the man's smile, Sean could see that he was kind and gentle. Besides, he was driving a really nice car so he might not be a human trafficker after all.

Sean had been abducted by some human traffickers once, so he could quite tell the difference between a normal citizen with good intentions and a trafficker whose only intent was to use and abuse.

"That's a good point. I didn't know you were such a smart kid." The middle-aged man looked at Sean a little closer and thought that he was a little mature for his age. After a few moments, he asked him, "Kid, where do you live? Do you want me to take you back home?"

Sean stared at him as if he wanted to say something but he hesitated. Then he lowered his head woefully and softly said, "I am an orphan, I don't really have a home..."

"An orphan? Oh, kid, I find that really hard to believe," the man responded.

The middle-aged man looked at his clothes from head to toe. "The brand of clothes you're wearing are quite expensive. The total cost of what you're wearing right now can actually fund a middle-class family's living expenses for a month. And those pair of shoes, is that the famous British brand?"

The man waited for Sean's response but when he didn't say anything, the man added, "And you were telling me that you're an orphan? Well, how can I believe you?"

'How on earth could an orphan afford such expensive clothes?' The man thought to himself while he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

Sean looked at the clothes and shoes that he was wearing. They were all bought by his brother-in-law so he didn't know the exact price of each.

Although his classmates had mentioned again and again that the things he wore were quite expensive, he never felt anything special because they were just given to him. They were clothes that he would always wear so he didn't give it much thought.

In his defense, his brother-in-law had never told him how costly they were.

"You had a fight with someone in your family, didn't you? That's why you ran away from home. Am I right?" Sean was so surprised that the middle-aged man had figured out his situation. However, for the man, it was a piece of cake. He thought, 'Kids from a rich family always have a tendency to be arrogant and rude since everything was served to them in a silver platter. They were always spoiled.'

The man grimaced with the thought of every single spoiled rich kid that he had encountered in his life.

He continued to think, 'However, this kid seemed quite polite and smart.'

There weren't a lot of cars passing by the remote road. The man only happened to be there because he was on his way to a construction site. If he didn't notice the boy or if he had chosen a different road, he couldn't imagine what would happen to the kid in front of him.

Sean continued to look down at his shoes. Even after being

dn't know if you were safe. I didn't know where to start looking. I was going crazy!

I was afraid that I'll never get to see you again. How am I supposed to live without you? How could I tell Mom and Dad about what happened?"

Carla frantically told Sean everything that she felt. Sean, on the other hand, could only accept her words and hugs.

Before she arrived, Sean had been sitting for an hour. He had been staring at the children in the yard. All of them had parents. Some of their parents may still be alive and some may be not. But all of them had been abandoned for various reasons.

But he was lucky that he had a sister by his side.

If he didn't have Carla, he would just be like these kids, playing in such a small yard and praying for a family every night before going to bed.

"My sister, I'm sorry, I know I was wrong..."

Sean cried and hugged her back. He was sobbing really hard when he asked her, "Carla, you were also abandoned by your parents, right? You're worse off than I was. I was born with a mother and a father by my side..."

"Sean..." Carla could only utter.

"Carla, when I found out the truth last night, I was really sad. I suddenly felt like I didn't belong there. I tried to repress these feelings all night. But when I couldn't do so anymore, I ran away."

Sean wiped the tears on his face and looked at her with his tearful eyes. "Now I know that Terence was right. It doesn't matter. Whether we share the same blood or not, what matters is how we feel about each other. I'm your brother and you're my sister forever. That will never change!"

Sean sobbed for a while and Carla could only stroke his back to calm him down. After a few sniffs, Sean continued, "But I'm happy for you, Carla. You finally found your own family. I heard that your father had passed away, but you have a mother now.

So please don't think that I'm not happy for you. I'm actually, truly happy for you."

While she was listening to Sean, Carla felt extremely overwhelmed and touched. She was suddenly overpowered with too many emotions.

It seemed really hard to believe that such words could come out of his mouth especially considering his age. But there he was, telling her all the things that she didn't think she needed to hear until it was being poured out to her ears and straight to her heart.

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