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   Chapter 470 Is He Your First Love

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9428

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Carla moved her body and turned around.

Meanwhile, Terence had already changed his clothes and was on his way to the bathroom. He then put his hand on the bathroom door, forcefully pushing it open until it was wide enough for him to go inside. And as soon as he was inside the bathroom, he couldn't take his eyes off her curvaceous body.

"Bang." The door slammed shut behind him.

It was a deep and cold night. The moon shone bright and the wind howled along with the rustling of the leaves. The couple could only care so much as to how beautiful the scene was outside for they were also having the time of their lives inside the bathroom.

Carla was confused as she could not remember a single thing. She didn't know when and how she got out of the bathroom. All she knew was that Terence had helped her take a shower before going to bed.

She might have had a lapse in her memory. After all, they weren't just taking a shower in the bathroom. Whatever happened might have been so good that she had almost forgotten whatever happened after their bathroom adventure.

As soon as her body felt the bed sheets, she felt light headed that she could barely feel that she had already been pulled to the edge of the bed. Then, the sound of the hairdryer resonated and rang in her ears. The next thing she knew, her head felt warm from the hot air that came out of the hairdryer.

Terence was very thoughtful of her. He dried her hair out until she could sleep, because he was afraid that she would get a headache if she slept with her hair wet.

Carla opened her eyes and saw that the night had already passed. The morning sun greeted her eyes with a flash of golden light.

She then moved her body and looked for the nearest watch. It was already past nine in the morning.

This meant that Terence had already gone to the office.

She got out of bed and put on her slippers. She then headed downstairs for breakfast before going to the study.

Carla then opened her laptop to check if she had any e-mail from the staff in the company for they usually sent her e-mails regarding pending work.

Everyone in the company was aware of Carla's current status. That was why an e-mail was enough for them to communicate with her.

The system went like this: After Carla finished her work, she would then hand it over to Terence. Then, he would directly ask her to redo the task should there be any problems. This method saved them a ton of time and effort instead of going through a lot of people along the corporate ladder to do it for them.

With all the work that piled up on her, she had spent half the day in the study. During the afternoon, she finally made a sketch on the new product's cover which was bound to be released soon.

After all, what she needed first was a draft. She planned to make som

t believe what he was seeing in front of him.

He was about to stop them when Theo suddenly grabbed his shoulder.

"Dude, why are you so nervous about a couple kissing in front of you?"

Theo stopped Luis and then stood on the other side as they watched the couple drown in their own sweet little world.

Theo was thinking that he didn't need to worry whether Terence knew how to kiss. His lips curled into a smile as he saw that Terence looked like a master now.

"What? What did you just say?''

Luis didn't understand what Theo just meant, so he asked him again.

"Hey, Luis! Aren't you too obsessed with your work? Terence is your friend, right? He's married. Didn't you know? !"

Theo had made it pretty clear.

Luis was dumbfounded at that moment. What Theo said had completely blown his mind. He looked at the woman who shyly pushed Terence away. She would only act like that in front of someone she had loved.

Luis had to admit to himself that he had always been so insensitive and clueless when it came to love.

Maybe it was Carla who left a deep impression on him. After all, he still couldn't get over her after all these years.

Therefore, when he came back home this time, he wanted her back. Since he couldn't get her out of his mind, he would just keep it to himself this time.

After meeting Carla several times, Luis knew that he had feelings for her.


Luis had thought of many possibilities in his head about how he and Carla would go about their relationship. But out of all the possibilities, he never imagined that she would become Terence's wife.

Carla gave out all her strength to push Terence away from her.

But the more she pushed him away, the deeper he kissed her.

"Babe, is Luis the first love that you have mentioned to me before?"

Terence asked Carla as he let go of her with a frown on his face.

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