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   Chapter 469 Terence's Return From Abroad

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9818

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"I'm her..."

Tristan subconsciously wanted to explain that he was Carla's brother. But Carla suddenly touched his arm, indicating something to him.

Getting the hint, Tristan immediately guessed what Carla meant. So he continued by saying, "I'm her boyfriend. What's wrong?"

Carla almost choked on her saliva when she heard what Tristan had said. She didn't want to explain to Luis that she was the biological daughter of the Hua family. Carla gave a hint to Tristan, thinking he would cooperate with her and say that he was her friend, not brother. But she didn't expect him to say that he was her boyfriend!

Tristan blinked innocently at Carla when he felt her glaring at him. He felt puzzled at why she was looking at him in shock, 'Didn't she mean that?'

Seeing Tristan's innocent face, Carla could only turn away from him helplessly and sigh inside.

She thought there was really no tacit understanding between her and Tristan. Now, this lie would be even more difficult to explain later.

"Nothing. I didn't expect that your taste would still be so childish after so many years," Luis whispered softly, standing up from his chair.

"Wait! Childish? Who's childish?" Tristan felt disgruntled at that moment. He was already twenty-four years old. Of course, he wouldn't be happy to hear someone describing him as childish.

"I didn't say that you were childish. I meant her taste is childish. It's none of your business," Luis said in a cold voice as he turned around to leave.

Tristan was now really ticked off. He rolled his sleeves up and stepped forward, grabbing Luis by the shoulder and shouted, "None of my business? Ridiculous! So funny! I heard clearly what you said. Are you interested in my sis... girlfriend?

So when you heard that she had a boyfriend, you felt jealous, right?"

Luis turned around and glimpsed at Tristan, who was holding Carla's hand. Then he looked at Carla. With a blank expression, he said, "She never even knew you when she was pursuing me.

I didn't want her at that time. Do you really think that I would be interested in her now?"

However, the whole time that Luis spoke, he never left his eyes from Carla.

Carla grabbed Tristan's arm. "Stop, Tristan. Don't be silly. Just sit down here and wait for me for a moment."

She pulled Tristan back to sit down on the chair. Then she turned to Luis and asked, "Could I have a word with you?"

Luis gave her a cold glance and then turned around to walk forward.

Of course, Carla went after him.

"Luis, I'm sorry. Tristan is a little impetuous. I apologize to you on his behalf!"

Carla just wanted Luis to forgive her for what she had done during their school days, but Tristan made things more complicated.

However, Luis didn't mind Tristan's actions at all. He just asked, "I know you're from an ordinary family. Are you with him to have a better life?"

Luis knew that Carla couldn't afford to

A City to have some fun.

Therefore, on the way back to JA City, Tristan kept in with his usual style—chattering all the way. He found all kinds of topics to talk about with Terence. By the time they arrived at the Seaview Villa, Terence couldn't bear to hear his talking anymore. So Terence asked Nathan to take Tristan to the guest room to rest.

After Tristan was escorted to his room, Terence didn't waste any time in taking Carla to their bedroom.

"Carla, your brother is a real chatterbox!"

Terence felt as if his ears were buzzing all the way. Even now, he still felt like someone was muttering in his ears.

"I guess he's trying to please you!"

Carla understood how Tristan's mind worked. After all, if Terence felt happy with him, then Terence would pay for all of his expenses while he was in JA City.

So, naturally, anyone would try their best to please the one who was able to pay for them.

Terence raised his eyebrows and didn't complain about Tristan anymore. Carla was about to take a bath and change clothes. But Terence said, "Carla, come here. I need to embrace you!"

Hearing his words, Carla took off her coat and looked at him with a smile. She walked over to him and put her arms around his waist.

"My dear husband, do you miss me?"

"Yes, I really have missed you for a long time."

Terence looked at her with a yearning desire. He bent over and kissed her lips and said in a husky tone, "Wait a minute. Let's take a bath together..."

"Oh, no! Then I won't finish my bath by tomorrow morning!"

Carla tried her best to control her laughter and poked Terence's chest with one finger, and then she said, "I think I'd better take a bath alone first."

She pulled herself out of Terence's embrace and got changed into her robe. She then walked towards the bathroom.

When she was about to close the bathroom door, a big hand suddenly appeared and grabbed hold of the door, stopping her from closing it.

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