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   Chapter 468 A Dip Into The Profligate Lifestyle

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10141

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"You want to buy me a drink? Do you even have any money?"

Carla asked while she smiled and turned to Tristan. She couldn't help but actually raise her eyebrows at him. She was certain that she would be the one to pay the bill eventually.

But Tristan just said that he would buy her a drink. So, to say that she was surprised was an understatement.

"Well, you pay the bill and I can just say that I bought it for you." Tristan scratched his head while he chuckled a little too loudly.

Carla thought for a few seconds before nodding. Then, she said, "All right. I don't really have anything to do this afternoon. And Mom has already gone to her yoga class. Let's go."

Tristan snapped his fingers then exclaimed, "Yes!"

To get to the place, Tristan drove her in his flashy blue Porsche.

This third younger brother of Carla was an actual golden boy who really knew how to enjoy life. He would only be seen in the fanciest places in HA City. He would only dine in the most well-known restaurants, stay in the best reviewed hotels, and would only wear the most expensive clothes and accessories.

Therefore, he took Carla to a five-star luxury hotel which was one of the most renowned hotels in the country.

There was not a day in his life that he would not go to places like that. That's why he could spend his money so fast.

Carla suddenly thought that she shouldn't have given up on Terence's first challenge so soon.

If she took Tristan with her to squander all their money, there was no way that they couldn't splurge enough money for Terence's satisfaction.

"Carla, do you know that only celebrities in HA City would come here to have afternoon tea? That assures you that this place is very pristine and of course, exclusive to the 1% of the 1%." Tristan gave her a thumbs-up while he spoke. Then, he led her to a table. "A lot of the top-notch actors in the industry come here often as well. If you frequent this place, you would definitely meet some of them," Tristan added.

Carla took a closer look at the hotel. From just a few seconds of scanning the room, she could easily gather that it was a first class hotel with prime quality interiors. All the walls were laid with ivory leather, the furniture looked like they were imported, and the floors looked like glass that Carla was afraid to step on it heavily. When she looked at the buffet, there were lines and lines of gourmet dishes and at the end was a variety of desserts on three-layer plates.

Looking through the French window, she could enjoy a spectacular view of HA City.

"Mr. Tristan. Welcome. Shall I take you to your usual table?"

The waiter said in a formal and polite tone as soon as he approached them.

"Yes, I'll order the usual as well," Tristan responded. Then, he walked straight to a table with an even more amazing view of the city.

Carla sat opposite him while she continued to gaze at the scenery from the window. "You come here a lot, don't you?" Carla asked after a while.

"Of course. Where do you thin

same girl in his memory.

"Apology accepted. You did make me go through a lot of trouble."

Luis crisply stated while he continued to gaze at her.

When she processed what he just said, Carla was even more anxious. As a response, she smiled wryly with her hands clasped in front of her. "I'm really sorry. I was too ignorant. I didn't know I would get you into a lot of trouble.

It seemed like I was not the only one who chased you. Please forgive my rudeness back then." Carla apologized once more.

"Yeah, you weren't the only one. But you were the only one who was brave enough to confess your love to me in front of so many people on the playground. You were also the only one who dared to climb over the wall of my dormitory to watch me take a shower," Luis said.

He remembered all the things that happened in their former school as if it just happened yesterday. When he brought this up, it still terrified him if he were to be honest.

Since then, he couldn't get her out of his mind every time he was taking a shower or changing his clothes. The trauma that he got from back then lasted for a long time.

Carla lowered her head when she was reminded of all the things she did before. She was silently wishing that the earth would open up and swallow her whole.

At that very moment, Tristan came back to their table. He saw that his seat was taken by a man, so he pulled a chair next to Carla and sat down.

"Who's this?" Tristan asked.

Carla looked up and exclaimed, "Oh Tristan, you're back! This is... Uh... my fellow alumni and senior in high school, Luis."

"Luis, this is my... My friend, Tristan."

Carla almost slipped that Tristan was her younger brother. But she realized that if she told Luis, she would have to explain her true identity to him. Therefore, she decided to save herself some trouble.

Luis looked at Tristan and realized that he looked like Carla's type because he looked handsome and charming. With that, he couldn't help but ask.

"Is he your boyfriend?"

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