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   Chapter 467 Carla's First Love Is A Celebrity

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When they finally arrived, Carla saw that there was a huge crowd of people around.

However, she didn't feel suffocated despite the sea of people. She soon figured out that people were classified into 3 layers; the innermost, the interlayer, and the outermost layers respectively.

It seemed to be a system inspired by the passengers in a commercial plane who chose the seats in various classes according to their economic status.

Carla and Andrea sat in the front row with an ample view, so their seats could well be described as one of the best.

Before the event began, Andrea greeted many couples present alongside Carla as she introduced Carla to all of them.

Carla quickly realized that people usually liked to surround themselves with those who are similar to them. The people present were of wealth, of noble birth, or were politicians in HA City. Most common men found it to be extremely strenuous to get into this layer.

Everyone remained eerily quiet when the exchange meeting began.

The audience composed of people from all social strata, but everyone behaved properly, as they all maintained pin-drop silence.

As Carla had been around for a while, she began to contemplate how they had a jam-packed audience today. It was because they had all heard the rumor that a famous singer and performer would be present.

As a matter of tradition, the most important event would always be left until the very end.

After many rounds of performances including motivational speeches, chorus by kids and a spectacular rendition by a local pianist, the final performance was about to begin.

Sensing the impatience among the people around her to see the star, she too was eager to see who exactly this performer was.

As she continued wandering her eyes, she found that even the celebrities were excited to see this person.

Out of the blue, the star appeared on the stage from the back.

She fixated her eyes to the direction of the exit. Carla spotted a tall guy in a white shirt and black pants, with a cello on his back. The man walked towards the center of the stage and bowed to the audience.

The moment he looked up, Carla was attracted by his appearance. His clearly intriguing black eyes were that of a cold but elegant gentleman.

Or perhaps he was a prince from the land of icebergs.

But, why did he seem a little familiar? Carla found it to be extremely strange.

To make matters awkward, she was quite familiar with the words "prince from the land of icebergs".

It struck her as though she had used the words somewhere before.

"Good evening. My name is Luis," the man introduced himself.

Like a bolt from out of the blue, the name made Carla freeze to her core.


because he's changed a lot."

Noticing her feigned expression, Andrea held Carla's arm and walked her out. She asked, "What happened, honey? You look nervous. Was that the boy you first loved?"

Although she was married, she thought it was normal to have a history.

It was understandable for someone to behave awkwardly when they unexpectedly met someone who meant the world to them once upon a time.

"..." Carla was at a loss on to how to respond to it.

"So, I was right. Wasn't I? Wow, you're incredible, Callie. You found a future celebrity to be your first love. How on earth did you do that?" Andrea found her excitement level going through the roof.


Carla was perplexed and dumbfounded.

A consensual relationship could be described as a first love.

However, their relation was merely based on her own wishful thinking.

When they returned to the house of the Hua family, Carla was too excited. But she eventually calmed herself down after a while.

After all, she was guilty of committing many odd deeds, so it was normal for her to feel nervous and embarrassed when they met again.

However, it was merely a coincidence.

It would be impossible for her to manage another meet up with him considering his celebrity status.

On the third day after the encounter, she'd almost forgotten about the entire incident.

Carla still wasn't entirely liberated from the shock of that day.

In the morning, she remembered to call Terence. As she dialed his number, she shot a quick glance at the clock and realized that he must still be asleep.

Having stayed at home the whole morning, Carla had no idea what to do. Just then, Tristan who had just risen from his bed after a nap came to visit Carla.

"Are you free, Carla? Can we go out for some afternoon tea?" he suggested.

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