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   Chapter 466 Show Me, My Baby

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"Well, we all know that you have thick skin! I just want to remind you that unlike you, York didn't ask for that." Andrea looked at her son and tried to shut him up by putting more food into his bowl.

Then, she continued, "Come on, Tristan, finish your food. Carla and I are going to a spa this afternoon, so she won't have time to be with you."

Andrea thought that Tristan would immediately lose interest in the topic, but to her surprise, Tristan said, "Oh, I think I need to have a massage, too! My body is aching after playing computer games all day."

"Tristan, the spa is only for women. Do you think they would allow you in?"

Carla chuckled, staring at her brother who had begun stretching and flexing his neck to relax himself.

"Of course I'm not going to the spa for women. There is a spa for men in the same building, just one floor up. But I've already spent all the money in my membership card. Carla, could you give me some?"

The moment Andrea heard his words, she put down her cutlery and stood up, and then slapped Tristan on his head full of permed yellow hair.

"Tristan, now I finally know why you've come back home! I thought you missed me and came here to spend time with me, but it turns out that you've just run out of money!"

Since Tristan was unemployed, he took care of all his expenses using the money he received from his family.

However, the money he received was a monthly allowance, which was limited. Every time he ran out of money, he would come home like a spoiled child.

But Andrea never expected for Tristan to have spent a whole month's allowance in less than ten days!

"Mom, I wasn't asking you for money! Why are you getting mad at me?"

Tristan stared at Andrea sadly while rubbing the spot on his head that his mother had just slapped.

The scene reminded Carla of the time when she was with her foster family. Sometimes, when Sean was naughty, his mother would get mad at him as well, and they would bicker just like Tristan and Andrea were doing.

"Mom, Tristan, calm down. Come on, the food is getting cold,"

Carla said, trying to make peace.

Andrea sat down, still fuming. "Go and ask your brother for money. Don't come to me or your sister."

It was Noah who took care of the finances of the family. He transferred money to every family member's accounts at specific times of the month.

Tristan made a face at Andrea. It was difficult

dies here for you? They are all naked and I bet you will enjoy it with your eyes very much," Carla joked.

Of course she wasn't going to do that.

"Oh, no. I think it will hurt my eyes. If it's inconvenient now, how about showing me this evening when you're back home? Or will you come up with more excuses?"

Terence chuckled. "Oh, I almost forgot. Say hello to your mom for me, okay? Tell her that I will drop by for a visit when I get back."

"Okay! I'm going back to the spa now. Mom is waiting for me. Bye!" Carla said.

"Don't forget to call me tonight. Bye, baby." Terence gave her a long look before hanging up the phone.

After he hung up, Carla put her phone back, adjusted her towel, and walked back to the spa room.

Call him tonight?

She would play it by feel.

Terence had become much more enthusiastic about sex ever since he had come back from the An Manor and Carla didn't know why.

She enjoyed it as well, of course, but only at the beginning. After a while, she would be so tired that she would beg him to stop...

Carla suddenly realized that she was still in the spa center and she couldn't believe that she was thinking about sex!

She shook her head and sighed to herself. This was all Terence's fault.

It was dark by the time Carla and Andrea finally left the spa center.

Carla went back to the Hua family home with Andrea and had dinner there. After that, Carla and Andrea kept chatting until the early hours of the morning. Carla didn't even go back to her own room.

The following evening, Andrea dressed Carla up to the nines and took her to a banquet.

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