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   Chapter 465 A Child Is Always Cherished By Mom

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 11102

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Knowing that Carla would be staying with them, Andrea planned to get everything ready and got up early in the morning. She instructed the maid to clean her room and prepare some fresh fruits and vegetables as well as the snacks that Carla liked.

When that was over and done with, Andrea headed straight to the airport to pick up her daughter.

Upon seeing Carla, Andrea promptly asked, being so thoughtful and kind like the way she usually was, "Oh, Callie, did you lose some weight?

How have you been lately? Are you getting along well with the An family?"

Wrapping her arms around Andrea, she pinched her cheek with one hand and answered, "Well, I haven't really gotten any thinner at all. In fact, it's quite the opposite. I've actually put on more weight."

"Oh, is that so?" Truth be told, Andrea still felt like Carla appeared to be thinner than she was the last time they met. Then, she went ahead and touched Carla's waist and continued, "Be honest with me. Is Terence treating you well? And is his father being nice to you? Or has he been giving you a hard time?"

Seeing her mother getting so worked up, Carla couldn't help but smile, feeling the warmth deep in her heart and even down to the tips of her fingers and toes. At this moment, she suddenly thought of just how wonderful it was to have a mom who always held her dear. It had just truly been so long since she was last able to feel something like that.

After a while, Carla replied, "I don't think Terence has the guts to bully me at all. As for my father-in-law, he's also treating me very nicely. Mom, there's nothing for you to worry about."

Seeing how happy Carla seemed, Andrea had to take her word for it, that she wasn't being treated badly. So, she grabbed a hold of Carla's hand and clasped it between hers.

Then, she told her, "Callie, my only wish is for you to find your happiness. You should give birth to Terence An's child. Only then will your position in the An family be secured. When that time comes, I won't have anything to worry about anymore."

Pressing her head against her mother's shoulder, Carla responded, "Mom, everything's going well. Don't worry."

That was what she told her, but her heart had really been aching deep inside. She didn't have it in her to tell Andrea the truth and get her steamed up.

In any case, she was under the assumption that things weren't really as bad as they seemed. The doctor might have told her that she could be having a hard time conceiving, but that doctor didn't specifically say that she would have no hope of getting pregnant. So there was still a chance that she would conceive again in a few years' time.

Carla believed that she was indeed still quite young, and there was also no telling what the future might hold.

It was a good thing that she wasn't that much of a pessimist, so she was able to quickly get back on her feet.

She was now Terence's wife. The things around her are moving forward, so she felt that she might as well look towards a brighter future.

All of a sudden, Carla came to the realization that the car was heading toward the center of HA City instead of the Hua family residence.

A little bit confused, she asked, "Mom, aren't we going back home right now?"

With a smile on her face, she replied, "No, we are not. I've ha

at home. He didn't really have many things to take care of, and he typically wouldn't go home until he had a great time someplace else.

As they were all sitting at the table and having a meal, Tristan intentionally asked her, "Carla, when are you planning to go back to the JA City? Can I tag along with you?"

Shooting him a glance, Carla asked, feeling a bit curious, "Why? Do you have some business to take care of in JA City?"

Tristan was at the same age as Carla, but he was very much still like a child inside. For that reason, he was the one Carla was able to easily form a bond with.

With a stern expression on his face, Tristan looked at Carla and answered, "Well, there's just nothing left for me to do here. I'm getting sick of HA City, so I thought it would be a great idea to go somewhere else and have some fun.

Kidding aside, Carla, I seriously want to go to JA City. So, would you mind taking me there with you?"

Appearing to be deep in thought, Carla paused for a while and eventually replied, "Well, I can take you with me, but under one condition. Promise me that you won't go around talking crazy." Tristan had a tendency to be extremely uninhibited, so Carla was a bit worried that he might accidentally say something improper in front of Sean.

Slamming her hand on the table, Andrea shot Tristan a glare and scolded him, "Tristan, cut that out. She already has a lot on her plate. Don't add to your sister's problems."

Tristan quickly retorted, "Mom, why would you say that? Why do you think that I'm causing trouble for my sister? Carla is my sister. Couldn't I just go hang out at her place for a couple of days? Is there something wrong with that?

What? Is my brother-in-law going to throw me out of their house or something?"

Carla couldn't hold herself back from coughing the moment he heard what Tristan had just blurted out.

It suddenly popped into her mind how Sean had always been referring to himself as Terence's brother-in-law. And now here was Tristan, saying the exact same thing.

She tried to picture how Sean would feel when he found out about that.

And above all else, she absolutely had no idea whether Terence would like Tristan or not.

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