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   Chapter 464 Pregnancy Concerns

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Edmund sighed before saying, "Terence, my son, I've already told you. You should have listened to me and married someone else, other than Carla. There are a lot of women who are more beautiful, more accomplished, and more connected than her. Women who would have helped you and our business more. When we found out that Carla is the daughter of the Hua family, I thought that she would be worthy of you by some degree, but now..."

Edmund sighed a little deeper this time before he continued, "I think you should know well enough that you can't divorce someone once you already got married. This is one of our family's most important traditions. However, you should also know that as a member of the An family, there is another rule to be followed. Not having an heir is the gravest of the three cardinal offenses against filial piety."

Terence smiled and responded, "Dad, please don't forget that you have another son. You should relax and calm down. I'm pretty sure that you'll have lots and lots of grandchildren, one way or another."

When he heard this, Edmund's anger shot to the roof, making him pound on the table really hard. It created a striking sound that even Terence was a little shocked that his Father could do something like that.

"What nonsense are you talking about?! Have you completely lost your mind?!

You know very well how strict the requirement is to be an heir of the An family. What the An family needs are your biological kids! How can you compare your brother's kids with yours? They shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence!

If an illegitimate child and a legitimate child can be regarded as being equals, Marcus wouldn't have become a person that we didn't like, nor would he covet the family's wealth.

There are also the ancestral rules of our family. Therefore, there is no way that you will break the rules, Terence. I won't let it happen. As long as I'm alive, that will never happen."

"Dad, I'm the one who should be blamed for Carla's miscarriage. It's all my fault. You shouldn't put the blame on her. If, and that's a big if, she can't conceive, I won't abandon her,"

Terence said firmly. Then, he stood up, showing the confidence that he had in his decisions.

He thought that it had made his point very clear.

"Terence, for the last time, listen to me carefully. It's not too late and it won't hurt either of you. Just divorce Carla and this will be over with!"

Edmund heaved a deep sigh. In reality, he didn't want to see them divorce. He actually found it in him long ago to have some affection for Carla as a father-in-law.

However, if Carla couldn't give birth to an heir, Edmund was afraid that it would create a lot of problems and delays for Terence.

All of a sudden, a loud bang was heard throughout the room.

Terence had kicked down the chair and was now glaring at Edmund. Consumed by rage, he asked, "Do you think that every man in this world is heartless? Not everyone is like you!"

it's necessary to hire an assistant for you. It will really make your life easier," Terence tried to convince Carla. He insisted on his previous idea to have an assistant help Carla, so that she wouldn't have to stay up so late.

Carla lost in the game on her phone once again so she wrinkled her nose. Then she looked up and stated, "You decide."

"Okay sure. I'll ask the secretary to choose an experienced one to be your assistant once we arrive at the company," Terence beamed. He was glad to hear that she had finally agreed to the idea so he pinched her lips slightly.

Suddenly, Carla opened her mouth and nibbled the tip of his fingers gently. Then, she stated, "I want to visit my mom in HA City. I'll go by myself if you can't come with me..."

"Oh? Let me see. I'm afraid that you have to stay at home for 2 days more, 'cause I'll be going abroad in 2 days. Then, you can go and stay with your mom in HA City for a couple of days," Terence replied. Then, he touched her nose and enjoyed her disgruntled reaction.

"What? You're going abroad again?"

The second she heard the word "abroad", Carla straightened herself up and frowned deeply. She was too nervous to allow him to go abroad because of what happened last time.

"Yes, there's something that I have to personally handle this time. But don't worry, I'll stay there no more than a week and I'll be back as soon as possible," Terence tried to console her when he saw her worry. But it was so sweet to see her concern.

He would usually assign a member of his staff to go abroad in his place if there was any need, but this time he really had to go and see the operations for himself.

In a moment, Carla remembered that Marcus was still in prison, so she deemed that it would be safe now. Otherwise, they had to take precautions.

It actually reminded her of how fast the time flew.

Two days later, Terence went on with his trip abroad.

The next day after he departed, Carla flew to HA City.

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