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   Chapter 463 Worries About Infertility

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"Of course, everything will be fine. Believe me. It's a miracle that I met you, and I know that there will be more miracles ahead of us."

Terence released her from his embrace and planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

"But I'm still afraid of..." Carla uttered and couldn't help biting her lips. She looked up at Terence and asked sadly, "If I can't have a child, will your father dislike me and force us to divorce?"

"Carla!" Terence stopped whatever she was fussing about.

He breathed a deep sigh. He didn't want Carla to overthink, but she couldn't control herself from thinking negatively. He continued, "Remember, Father couldn't prevent me from marrying you before. What makes you think he can force me now?

My dear wife, don't always think negatively about things. We've only been married for two months, so you can't mention anything about divorce, okay?"

He frowned, took her hand, and went out of the hospital with Carla.

Terence felt regretful again and began to blame himself.

He shouldn't have brought Carla here for such a check-up.

He even thought of blaming the hospital!

Perhaps, it was a better idea if he could have taken her to a cheaper and more ordinary hospital so that the check-up wouldn't be so precise about her infertility.

Although pre-pregnancy check-ups were now a regular thing, he still complained about himself too much!

He could feel how sad and disappointed Carla was when she heard the doctor say that she was less likely to be pregnant.

On the way back, Carla remained silent.

Since then, Terence never mentioned having children or any topics related to it in front of her.

An entire week passed with Terrence being extra mindful of his wife, who was obviously in distress.

It was only until then that she could take things lightly and break a slight laugh once in a while.

She also told herself not to think too badly about things. After all, the future was long ahead of her. Just as the doctor said, pregnancy was still possible, although it would take longer for her.

In her mind, there were many other things she could do in life.

So, in the following days, she kicked her interest in art and started drawing either in the office or somewhere with a quiet spot.

Carla had completed designing the promotion plan for the new hotel, and its formal operation would start soon.

However, worrying about things that might never happen increased their chances of happening.

One day,

oming salacious!"

Just when they were about to kiss deeply, there was a knock on the door.

"Terence, are you still up?"

It was Edmund's voice.

Terence took a long breath and released Carla in his arms. He caressed her chin and said, "Carla, change into the red pajamas and wait for me to come back!"


Carla nodded, watching him adjust his pajama before going out of the bedroom.

Then, Terence followed Edmund into the study room.

He sat down, looked at Edmund, and asked, "What's the matter, Father? It's already late. Why did you call?"

Edmund lit a cigar, took puff and said, "I heard that you went to the hospital with Carla last week for a check-up. How's the result?"

Terence, with his legs crossed, was stunned for a moment after hearing his father's question. Then, looking up at Edmund, he said, "Everything is alright. Nothing important."

"Alright?" Edmund took another puff of his cigar and refuted, "Are you kidding me? I don't deny you are alright, but Carla—do you think you can hide anything from me here in JA City?

Carla couldn't get pregnant anymore because of the miscarriage, am I right?" This is an important matter! Why didn't you tell me?"

Terence's eyebrows wrinkled slightly. "Father, the doctor just said she was less likely to be pregnant, not unable!"

Edmund hummed, showing a disdainful look.

"Terence, I've specially asked my old friend—Dean Wang to check Carla's medical record, and he concluded this. Do you think I'll doubt a professional's diagnosis?"

"Father, what do you mean?"

Terence asked in a depressed tone, as displeasure gradually arose in his eyes.

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