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   Chapter 462 A Pre-pregnancy Checkup

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 12737

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It wasn't like the usual peaceful dusk today.

Silence filled the whole Seaview Villa.

Setting up her painting materials, Carla was so absorbed in painting the glorious sunset by the seaside. Holding a several brushes of varying sizes in her hands, she dipped one in the paint and began to draw on the canvas, giving attention to the details.

She might not have received any formal training nor attended any well-known universities for the fine arts, but she had her own unique ways and techniques when it came to drawing.

As long as she was able to relax and enjoy what she had painted, then she could focus on doing it continuously.

In the end, however, she would always come to realize that her paintings were actually not half bad at all.

"Sis, are you busy painting right now?"

When he got back from school, Sean came across his sister enthusiastically drawing under the light, so he walked towards her.

"Oh, my! Sis, you came up with such a magnificent picture. Can I please have this one?"

Sean exclaimed as she approached her, with his eyes dilating, after seeing the painting she was working on up close.

"No. Have you forgotten what I mentioned to you before about me wanting to hold an art exhibition? One cannot live without keeping dreams in his or her heart. So from this day forward, I will start accumulating paintings little by little until the day comes when I can finally put them all on display in an art gallery."

Carla stated, filled with so much joy and excitement. After adding the final strokes of black paint as the finishing touches on the canvas, she went ahead and put down the brushes she was holding in her hands.

"Well, sis, then how many paintings have you actually finished at this point?" Sean asked, feeling very impressed, as this was actually the first time he ever saw her being serious while drawing something. After seeing what she came up with today, he came to realize just how good at painting and how multi-talented his sister was.

"Only one, and this is going to be the first of many to come."

Carla answered in such a serious tone. "What?"

Sean felt dumbfounded, as he wasn't expecting to hear such an answer. With a shrug of his shoulders, he went on and said, "I guess that I'll already be attending senior high school by the time you're able to hold an art exhibit."

"Well, you can't be too sure about that. Who knows? Maybe you can come see my art show next year." A Cheshire cat smile crept onto her face as she was preoccupied with cleaning up all of the pigments.

It didn't take too long for her to finish doing that. When she was about to put away her drawing board, she heard the sound of footsteps getting closer.

Promptly looking up to check who it was, Carla found out that it was Terence who was walking toward her.

She was about to call his name when the little boy, Sean, who was standing right beside her, beat her to it, "Brother-in-law, you're back."

"There you are, Sean. Your Uncle Nathan has been looking all over for you just now," Terence said as he approached them, with his gazed completely fixed on Carla.

Seeing that she was planning to put away the drawing board by herself, he swiftly moved closer to her to grab it from her hand. And with his gentle voice sounding so worried, he said, "Let me take that. I'll handle it with care and put it away for you."

Beaming him a wide smile, she turned around and handed the box of paint over to Sean before saying, "Sean, here you go. Please hold onto them for me, okay?"

After telling him that, she carefully picked up the fresh painting herself.

Holding the drawing board in one hand, Terence stretched out his other arm and held her. The two of them headed toward the Seaview Villa. While they were on their way, Terence couldn'

tanding right at the entrance.

Without a doubt, Carla could tell that he might've overheard the things the doctor said to her.

"Well, Terence. What are we going to do now?"

Feeling so low in spirit, Carla found her eyes immediately turn bloodshot the second she looked at Terence.

"Carla, the doctor only told you about the worst case scenario. Trust me, it's not as bad as you think it is. Everything's gonna be alright, okay?" Terence had a sullen look on his face upon seeing her like that. Stretching out his arms, he wrapped them around her. If only he had known that she was going to be this distressed, then he never would've listened to his father's suggestion to bring her to the hospital today to have her checked.

"However," Carla was about to tell him what she was worried about.

Terence intentionally cut her off abruptly, "Carla, the doctor also told you that there's a chance you might get pregnant again, isn't that right? It might take a while, but that's fine. Besides, we're still young right now. What's the rush? We don't really need to have a child right away. Why don't we just try to enjoy everything with just the two of us for just a little longer? Don't you want that?"

He rested his hand over her shoulders trying to make her feel at ease.

Anxiously grabbing a hold of his hand, Carla lowered her head before asking, albeit reluctantly, "Still, if...if I still can't get pregnant after two, three, or maybe even five years, what are we supposed to do then?"

Deep in her heart she lamented, 'If I can't get to have a child even after five or six years of patiently waiting, then I will be in my thirties by then. Wouldn't it be even more difficult for me to get pregnant?'

"There's no way that's going to happen. Trust me, Carla. I will make sure that never happens. And the situation is not as bad as you're making it out to be. I'll go look for another doctor to have you checked up next time. Don't go thinking too far ahead, alright?"

He had her wrapped tightly in his arms and said it in a resolute tone. Then, he continued, "Never have I ever failed to get the things that I've wanted in my life. And having a child with you won't ever become an exception. So, just trust me on this, alright?"

Wearing a downcast look on her face, Carla leaned against his chest and nodded in response. Feeling both moved and worried in the exact same time, she couldn't think of anything to say to him.

"My only wish is that God can bless us at least one more time," she softly sighed.

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