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   Chapter 461 Repentance Is Priceless

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 12000

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"Oh? You're in prison right now? Is it for hitting that man?"

Carla asked, feeling a little surprised by what she had just heard. But before long, she figured out what exactly happened to Johnny. Perhaps, the man that Johnny hit was not just any other person. The man might have some very powerful connections or in a position of power which made it hard for Johnny to escape prison time.

"Yes, that man's father insisted that I must stay here for several days. And that's exactly what I'm doing to dispel his father's anger," Johnny casually answered.

But if one listened more closely, his tone actually sounded like he bore some resentment for that man.

The truth was that Carla didn't want to give more thought or care about him at all. She just wanted to get the conversation done and over with. She simply asked, "So why are you calling me? Do you want me to bail you out?" Carla sat lazily on the sofa. She didn't have the time nor care to give the matter much thought. Certainly, even if Johnny's answer was "yes", she would still be unwilling to help him.

"No, I didn't mean that. I just wanted to know if you saw me with those two women that time..." Johnny stated, sounding lifeless and without that much hope.

In reality, this time was already the second time that Carla saw Johnny make love to another woman. And this time, he was even making love to two women at the same time!

"I already know that Mr. Johnny has a really vigorous sexual appetite and strong desires. So it only made sense that you didn't even care about having the door closed. However, it also made me come to the conclusion that you're not scared of being seen by others," Carla sneered. If he didn't want others to see his sexual affairs, he should have at least kept the door closed or even locked when engaging in those activities.

Moments passed by and Carla didn't get any response from Johnny. All she heard was another bang from the other side of the call. It was no doubt the sound of Johnny's fists hitting the iron railings.

"Mr. Johnny, I'm going to hang up now if there's nothing more that you would like to say. And as much as possible, please don't contact me again, okay?" Carla candidly stated.

When Carla gave it more thought, there was one thing that puzzled her a little. From the very beginning, her attitude towards Johnny was extremely cold. She had gone as far as making it clear that she didn't want to interact with him at all.

And every single time that they would meet, it was always accidental. They never arranged to meet but somehow the universe always seemed to find a way for their paths to cross.

Was it God who made it happen? Or the universe itself? Or was it something like fate or destiny?

"Wait, Carla. I want to say... actually... I'm not as promiscuous as you think. Today...I just had a little too much to drink..." Johnny did not know exactly what to say, but there was something in his instincts that was pushing him to explain.

"Mr. Johnny, you don't have to give me an explanation or clarification. This lifestyle that you choose and everything that it entails have nothing to do with me. Even if you do it with three women at the same time, it really is none of my business," Carla casually stated, hinting a bit of laughter for mockery.

However, she was suddenly reminded of what Lynn told her that day. With that, the sarcasm on Carla's face gradually faded.

Although she had a very bad impression of Johnny, there was no denying that he actually treated Lynn with kindness for her sake.

If Johnny hadn't known that

houldn't you strive to become better so that you can be worthy of her love or at least, her respect? If you work on yourself and really improve, the possibility of her liking you in the future will increase. Or at least, she wouldn't treat you the same if you really showed that you've changed," Kelvin expounded.

Kelvin had actually tried to persuade Johnny to give up on Carla so many times in the past. He had always been honest and straightforward to Johnny but every effort that he made didn't work.

So this time, he tried to motivate and encourage him instead.

Just like Carla, he knew that Johnny was not a bad person.

What happened today was enough to prove it. If today's fight wasn't settled peacefully, Carla must have been summoned to the police station as well. And if this news reached the public, Carla's reputation and the reputation of the An family would have suffered more or less.

Therefore, Johnny promised to stay in prison for several days without any hesitation. He knew about the consequences and he had also wanted the matter to stay private.

"Kelvin, tell my parents that I'm all right..."

Johnny, who had been silent for a while suddenly spoke.

From the slumped and hunched posture that he was in earlier, Johnny straightened his back and stood up.

"Sure, Johnny. Your parents love you very much. So I think that they wouldn't be angry with you. Don't worry. Your father will immediately come here to bail you out for sure..."

Kelvin said, patting Johnny on his shoulder.

"No, Kelvin. Don't ask my father to bail me out. I only need to be here for five days. I want some time to calm myself down and really think about where I will go from this point on. So you don't have to visit me either," Johnny said nonchalantly, void of any expression on his face.

"Johnny..." Kelvin tried to convince him otherwise but Johnny immediately cut him off.

"Just do as I say!"

Johnny raised his voice so Kelvin did not dare to say anything more. He then walked out after saying, "Okay, goodbye."

Johnny clutched the iron railing tightly with both hands. He stared at the only window on the opposite wall with his eyebrows furrowed.

Even though the only thing that he could see outside was a red brick wall and there wasn't a view that was pleasant to the eyes on the four sides of the prison cell, Johnny's gaze was somehow focused.

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