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   Chapter 460 Johnny Got Caught

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10339

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With only a pair of pants on, Johnny went ahead and swung the door open. But the moment he found out who it was outside the door, a sullen expression appeared on his face. As it turned out, it was actually Carla, who was just about to haul Lynn away by grabbing her. At that moment, Johnny felt so astounded as he looked at her.

Forcing out a light cough, Carla acted as though she had not seen him at all, looking away to avoid his gaze, and lowering her head as she walked away.

Seemingly at such a loss, all Johnny could do was watch as she left without uttering a single word. He couldn't muster up the courage to call out to her.

Focusing on the ground below, Carla continued to move forward. Lynn, on the other hand, walked right behind her, still in a state of confusion after coming to her senses. Lynn was such a mess that she unintentionally bumped into a man who was just getting off of his seat to get some water.

When he turned to look and laid his eyes on Carla, he instantly felt exhilarated.

The woman standing right in front of him, sporting a cropped haircut, with her straight nose and alluring black eyes, looking as if it could see through everything, was completely different from the other women inside the room.

He could just tell that she was unlike any other.

Caught in a daze for a moment, the man made sheep's eyes at her and grabbed her wrist, "Hello, gorgeous. Did we meet last night? I just can't remember. But since we've chanced upon each other today, would you mind telling me your name?"

Feeling extremely violated, Carla pulled her hand back and shoved him away in utter repugnance. Then, she proceeded to head out with Lynn.

"You have the nerve to push me away? Who do you think you are?"

When he stumbled into the sofa, the man who had a bit too much to drink got rubbed up the wrong way. Because of that, he stood up and was just about to grab Carla by the shoulders.

However, someone was able to catch his wrist before he could actually touch Carla's shoulder. And before he could even stop to think about what had just happened, a heavy punch suddenly landed on his face.

"Who told you that you could touch her?"

Going off the deep end, Johnny had no clue how to let off some steam. So, the moment he saw the man who was about to get Carla caught up in such a difficult situation, he found the perfect outlet to release his pent-up anger on.

Carla, on the other hand, simply went on her way and exited the room along with Lynn without turning back.

Even though she could actually hear the sound of a fight brewing, Carla pretended not to hear anything and headed straight toward the elevator.

She found it quite hard to breathe because of the smell that lingered inside.

So, the second she finally stepped out of the elevator, she heaved a heavy sigh, feeling somewhat relieved.

"Excuse me, sir. There are some guys stirring up a fight in Room 7008. Would you please go check that out?" After telling that to the waiter in the lobby, Carla immediately grabbed Lynn, intending to get out of the hotel as soon

moment she got up, her aunt called her looking for Lynn. So, she wasn't able to grab anything to eat at all, making her so hungry that she could eat a horse.

"Ms. Carla, Mr. Terence asked me to inform you that he has talked to the doctor and made an appointment for tomorrow morning," Sophie said as she walked toward her.

Terence had asked Sophie earlier to let Carla know so she could have a good night's rest to get herself ready for tomorrow's examination.

"I see. Thank you for that, Sophie," Carla replied and continued sipping her soup.

Terence had suggested for her to do rounds of checkup even though she already had an examination with Andrea in BH City.

Be that as it may, she would be giving birth to the baby in JA City, so it made sense that they should talk to a professional doctor to have it checked.

All of a sudden, she heard her phone ringing. "Hello? Who am I speaking to?"

Carla picked it up and asked. However, no one seemed to be answering even after a while.

Just as she was about to hang up, she heard a voice coming from the other side of the line.

"Do you feel disgusted when you think of me?" the man asked.

It appeared to be Johnny speaking.

Putting down the spoon on the table, Carla lost her appetite after hearing Johnny's voice.

"Almost. But I should be thanking you, Master Johnny, for showing a bit of mercy to Lynn," she replied.

If he were interested in Lynn, he would have no trouble seducing her whatsoever.

When she was done talking, she heard an ear-splitting sound of someone shouting in the background.

She put her phone away to avoid hearing it, but then, she suddenly heard another voice.

"What are you raising your voice for? Get a hold of yourself! Do you want to get punched?"

Noticing that something seemed to be quite amiss, Carla began to wonder what kind of person would have the guts to actually yell at Johnny.

With that in mind, she asked, "Where are you right now, Johnny?"

"At the police station,"

Johnny flatly replied, feeling so dejected.

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