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   Chapter 458 What A Cute But Powerful Woman

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Soon enough, the day that Carla had been waiting for finally came.

Early that day, Carla went straight to the office so she could immediately start her work.

She wasn't surprised that there was already an office prepared for her inside the company.

Carla slowly and carefully looked at the brand-new computer and the drawing materials on the table. She already knew that they had prepared everything she needed but judging from the office, it seemed that they went beyond the usual. Instead of being pressured, however, she knew that she needed to perform well in this position. Not just for Terence's sake but to be able to prove to herself that she could actually do it.

With this in mind, she smiled widely.

Although she didn't know much about the job and she didn't have a lot of confidence that she would be able to handle her work well, she believed that at the very least, she would try her best.

They say that time flies by when you do what you love. So before Carla knew it, it had already been several days since she first came to work in the company.

For the past few days, she didn't do anything other than educating herself about the company's background, operations and most of all, the designers that she would be working with. She compiled a book of pictures that had all of the company's standard designs and she also read all the materials that had been made available for her.

Only after she had finished did she begin to think about what she was going to design.

One could say that Carla had done everything she could to learn about the company's background when it came to design. But because of her lack of experience, her mind would easily go blank when she tried to focus on creating a design herself. However, it was also an advantage for her since she would never be limited to things that used to restrict experienced designers' imaginations.

Her supervisor gave her the assignment to design a logo for a subsidiary brand of the AJ Group. It should have been released to the public last month. However, Terence didn't approve any single draft that was submitted by the designers.

So instead, the logo was going to be unveiled this month. Such an important job right then depended solely on Carla's creativity.

She also understood the importance of this assignment, so she fully committed herself on taking on the task really well.

It was a peaceful and serene afternoon and Carla was drinking a cup of coffee while reading a report in her hand. It was about the introduction of the hotel which the AJ Group had been developing a new theme for. It so happened that she was assigned to design a logo for the hotel. According to the report, the hotel targeted the youth and aimed to offer its guests a style that exuded modernity with state-of-the-art technology.

The design of the logo should reflect this objective, so it needed to be both eye-catching and thought-provoking. When people saw it, they should be interested in the hotel immediately.

However, the more Carla read on about the assignment, the more difficult she found it to be.

It was not at all, as easy as she thought it would be. Moreover, Manager Fang had put it too simply when she gave her this assignment. Such a logo had to contain so many things. Besides, it needed to be innovative, so it was not an easy job at all, considering that it had to be done in such a short time.

She finally realized why Terence told her that it wasn't an easy and comfortable position for her to take.

The AJ Group ran wide and diversified businesses, ranging from real estate, hotels and restaurants, e-commerce, film and video, to self-designed electronic and health-care products. All of its products and establishments were quite popular across the country.

The company had also consistently paid attention to keeping up with the current times so it remained relevant even years after being established. In addition to stabilizing its current industries, it never gave up on its efforts to develop new products.

Considering the background of the

hat she had drawn.

However, because she had humorously portrayed the scene, it became more attractive. The conversations between the two characters were also quite interesting that it immediately captured Terence's attention.

Looking at all these drafts, Terence got a glimpse of her ideas.

His mind immediately started to turn. If they could promote these cartoons and combine them with the new hotel that they had been developing for the youth, then there's a possibility that they would be spearheading a new trend. It could actually attract more people to try and experience the new hotel.

The hotel targeted young and adventurous people.

And such customers always preferred this humorous and relaxing style.

What was more, if the cartoons were consistently updated, costumers would follow the story and thus sustain their interest. It would help stabilize customer loyalty and potentially make them long-term patrons.

Setting down the drafts on his hand back on the table, Terence already made a rough plan for the hotel's promotion on his mind. Once her cartoons could be typeset by related departments, then the plan could be taken into action.

He lowered himself to lift Carla who was still sound asleep. He was so gentle because he didn't want to wake her up. He knew how hard Carla had been working herself for those drafts.

The anger he once carried before coming into the room vanished into thin air. Right then, he was filled with love and respect for Carla and excitement for the plan that he had in mind.

With the plan intact, he finally had time to think about why she pushed him away last night. It must be sudden inspiration that hit her at that moment.

With that in mind, he couldn't help but smile. 'What a cute but powerful woman!' Terence exclaimed to himself.

After carefully and slowly putting her down on the bed, he caressed her charming face ever so gently.

He pondered quietly, 'Carla, you never failed to surprise me and show me different sides of yourself. You've never disappointed me ever since I fell in love with you.

I was only asking you to design a logo. But I never thought that you would finish a complete campaign or even give an entire consideration for the next steps of the promotion process and how to make customers turn into long-term and loyal ones.

My sweet honey, how could I stop loving you when you're this smart and talented?

You know better than anyone that you can choose not to work and just enjoy the life of luxury that comes with being my wife.

However, you always try your best to improve yourself and take on new challenges. You can't begin to imagine how much admiration, respect and love that I have for you.'

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